Cancer Season

Cancer Season

The watery depths of Cancer season


Feelings of introversion, a craving to cosy up at home, extra warmth towards your loved ones

Cancer season in the southern hemisphere coincides with the beginning of winter and this suits our Cancerian friends just fine. The call to migrate indoors and spend quality time with those closest to us reflects the values of Cancerians and the way they view the world around them. Those born between June 21st and July 22nd embody the spirit of water and the moon. Enigmatic in their softness, others are often drawn to the depths of their emotional natureĀ and their willingness to take on the problems of others.

Ruby is the stone most associated with the season of the crab.
Used for protection, ruby reflects the guardian-like qualities of the Cancerian. Ever vigilant and protective of their friends and family, they do not take kindly to others who seek to hurt their loved ones.

Cancerians display the nurturing aspects of motherhood and love to be held in the softness of their inner worlds and physical homes.
Famous Cancerians include Frida Kahlo, Solange, Princess Diana andĀ Malala Yousafzai;Ā aĀ group of people that really affirm theĀ nurturing, humanitarian spirit from this list of public figures.Ā 

You can sink deeper into this season by reaching inwards and journalingĀ your experiences throughout the previous of Gemini. Take what you have learnt and allow it to sink in. Curl up in your favourite chair, in your favourite room, with your favourite warm drink and soak up all the feels. If you're feeling drained from Gemini season, just pop on The Notebook and have a releasing cry.

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