Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

The tenacious goat; Let this full moon in Capricorn guide you towards greater career insights and a greater sense of authority in your actions. 

Capricorn rules the Tenth House in the Zodiac. This is the house of career, power and influence, a realm where your ambitions come into focus. Capricorn is the patron saint of structure and authority, a figure whose primarily concern is pragmatism.

With this coming full moon placed in the sign of Capricorn, this is the time to review your systems of working - from your daily routines to your lifetime goals. This industrious sign can be an overwhelming force to some, however it asks us to consider the integrity of the structures we build our lives upon.

Questions to pose during this Capricorn full moon

Do my everyday actions serve my greater purpose?

If not, what steps can I take to build a more sturdy platform on which to manifest my goals?

What are your unique skills and how can you utilise them to better assist your higher self?

How do you work best? What processes make you feel whole?
Avoid forcing yourself to do things that feel uncomfortable or counterintuitive. 

If this past lunar cycle has left you feeling rundown and empty, you can use this full moon as a point of reflection and relaxation. You are a unique soul who has made progress (no matter how small you may think they are), and this deserves to be recognised and celebrated. Capricorn builds foundations but also boundaries. If your body and mind are exhausted, construct the boundaries that allow you to find comfort after a particularly intense astrological period. 

Enjoy basking in the light of this full moon ✨