Our Suppliers




Apart from running a workplace that complies with international standards, our suppliers assist their employees with children’s education costs, medical care, and marriage costs. If we do not believe companies we deal with are ethical in their treatment of staff we do not continue to do business with them. Wherever there has been questions about treatment of employees in the past we have ceased business dealings immediately.

We do not publish the names and addresses of the factories and businesses that we deal with because our suppliers are small-scale bespoke companies that we have worked alongside over many years to develop our unique products. The nature of our product depends on sub-contracting for these specialist handicrafts. We believe that this is a valid and viable option that can be mutually beneficial as long as special conditions and policies are put in place.

We have been involved in designing and buying clothing and other products from India for over 40 years. We visit the places where these items are made wherever possible and make sure that the conditions are good for the workers and that they are paid properly. Sources of pride and joy for us in this area are hand-block fabrics, Kashmiri hand painted boxes, Rajasthani embroidered homewares, and carved soapstone from Agra. We have watched the steady decline of craft industries over the last four decades and wish to do our best to support the skill and aesthetic sensibility of those involved in continuing this work.

For us, just staying in the countries where we are currently working, rather than looking for cheaper places to make things, is important. We want to keep improving in the locations we are already producing from. There are a lot of new laws and regulations in India and Nepal that address things like minimum wages, safety, and environmental effects. But there are also systemic problems which can undermine some of these efforts. In general there has been a lot of positive changes however. We will continue to look further into our supply chain to try to assess where we need to make improvements and continue to work with our suppliers to implement these changes.

We have a real interest and commitment to making sure that the people who make our goods are treated well and with respect.





This is where our beautiful campaign clothing comes from - as well as fashion jewellery, throws and assorted homewares and treasures. We have been working with this supplier since the birth of Tree of Life - creating a working relationship that is 20+ years old. This is a family business, run by an Indian couple, who have have become life long friends with Tree of Life founders Wendy and John. Wendy and John visit this factory at least 3 times a year.


This is where our traditional Indian handicrafts garments are hand made. Our beautiful hand block, indigo dye and other traditional Indian textile techniques are all crafted here. Our Jaipur suppliers are true artists making every print and design with love and exceptional attention to detail. We have also been working with this supplier for over 20+ years. This is a family run business owned by an Indian couple who are now like family to Tree of Life. John and Wendy also visit this factory at least 3 times a year.


This is where our Tree Tribe's favourite hippie classics like the Sunday Mini Skirt and Sophie Tops are born! The garments are produced from recycled sari fabrics. This is also the home of our colourful range of Patachali Jackets.


The home of our beautifully hand crafted Auroville Knits. These hand knitted jumpers and cardigans are produced by a small co-op of women in the small town of Auroville, located in South India. The project was created to help these women build their skills as well as provide them with a sustainable financial livelihood.


Some of favourite bohemian staples come from Nepal - including our popular Global Traveller range. Filled with soft cottons, light woven knits, patchwork and earthy natural dyed garments. We are also excited to be working with this supplier to develop new sustainable projects and environmentally friendly garments, coming soon.



Cozy winter favourites including our beautifully soft chenille jumpers, tasseled faux suede vests and retro inspired faux fur afghan coats travel to us all the way from a China-based supplier.


Approximately 80% of our silver jewellery is sourced from Thailand - majority of this is from one business whom we have been working with for more than 10 years. The standard of manufacturing units is extremely high and in full accordance with international standards. The same production team has been in place the entire time we began work here. Workers are paid above average rates and are provided free lunches and other benefits on a regular basis. John and Wendy visit this supplier at least 3 times a year.