Celebrating the launch of Cosmic Journey

  A Celebration of Sisterhood and End of Year Magic🧚 As the end of the year draws close, we gathered together some of our Tree family to celebrate sisterhood, a fantastic year together and the...

Introducing: Cosmic Journey

Take a starlit waltz💫 Introducing our latest chapter, Cosmic Journey. It is pure magic woven from the cosmos, untamed and otherworldly, dancing between realms of infinite wonder.  🪐   Shop Cosmic Journey in stores and...

Mermaid Cove 🧜‍♀️🐚

   Shop Mermaid Cove online + in-store now!

Peace Train ☮️🌻

Peace Train 

Manager's Meeting 2023 🌻

Once a year, we bring together our dedicated managers from all of our stores, for a special meeting. This year we basked in the natural beauty of Kariong Camp Grounds.  We were lucky enough to...

Made In Nepal ~ Dreaming by the ocean

  New Made in Nepal online + in-store now!

Introducing: Spring Fling

Floral Daydreams Like a chapter from a forgotten fairytale, amidst the dappled sunlight where petals dance and dreams unfurl ~ weaving a tapestry of dreams into this season of rebirth. Welcoming the season with our...

Tranquil Tides with Chelsey Rouen 🌿

Nestled in the serene embrace of Bali, @chelseyrouen and her precious little one shared moments of pure joy, showcasing our Spring Fling collection in the most heartwarming light. Join us on a journey as we follow...

Tarantella: A Love Letter To Bohemian Romance

Through the creative eye of photographer @Sara.adrienne_,  prepare to dive into the world of Tarantella and its enchanting charm.