At Tree of Life, our commitment to giving back to the countries we are proud to call our second home, and to the communities that supply our beautiful products, has been incredibly important to us.  
Since the nineties, we have been extremely particular in finding charities that share our ethos and share our main goal; for the funds and support to go directly to the people that need it. Funds for these charities are mostly determined by the charities themselves, they tell us what they need, and we provide it. 
We have been fortunate to have the help of a small, non-profit NGO, A Touch of Love. This charity has a hands-on, down to earth approach and we collaborate closely with them, meeting in India as often as possible. They work closely with local teachers, doctors, and nutrition experts to ensure a high standard is maintained.

A Touch of Love

The main charity we support is A Touch of Love ( through which we currently sponsor the children of Dhablepuri village in Maharasthra State, India. This program provides education, food, clean water and access to medical and dental facilities for children living in dire poverty.
Located in a remote rural area, Dhablepuri is a barren place with few facilities and a spread out sprawl of makeshift houses and huts. The people of this village are mainly goat herders and they struggle to eke out a living for themselves. Some years back, the elders of the village walked about 50 kilometers to the Meher Baba Trust in Ahmednagar for help. Their children were suffering from malnourishment and disease and the drought stricken villagers were desperate. Their dire situation was referred to A Touch of Love charity and we happily came on board as chief sponsor.

We took great care in selecting this charity. We had extensive talks with director, Wayne Galler, to ensure that the charity was a hands-on, low head office costs organisation which works closely and sensitively with the communities it supports. We visit the schools, homes and villages of the sponsor children and give feedback to Wayne regarding issues we have. We are particularly concerned that we are supporting and improving the lives of the most disadvantaged children.

The kids are provided with nourishing food daily, medical and dental care, and education. The sponsorship is flexible and personal – never excluding some children at the expense of others, but liaising with the community to ensure that the help really is help.
Through A Touch of Love we also contribute to various special projects e.g. school buildings, village wells; we also subsidise families which are identified as being in especially great need due to illness or disability.
VasudhaivaKutumbakam: Sanskrit for “The world is one family”.
We feel extremely fortunate to have found such a grass roots charity to support and appreciate our opportunity to take part in this program. 
Love and Peace,
Tree of Life Family