Virgo Season

Virgo Season
The time has come. To clean out the cobwebs and dust that exist within your physical and mental spaces. To ground yourself and begin to form the foundations of a dream future. 
Following Leo's creative drama, the Zodiac of Virgo brings the enthusiasm and energy of the self back to the Earth, adapting it to meet more collective needs. Seeing good in people is a strong trait of this sign. In a time where division can feel overwhelmingly apparent, the kind and humble heart of the Virgo should remind us to remain patient and generous with our kindness toward others.
The Zodiac of Virgo is an earth sign. Take this quality to heart and apply it. Spring is around the corner, and so is the time to dedicate time to the garden that is your life. Fertilise the soil, plant seeds and take diligent care in maintaining growth. Where you direct your attention now, is where you ensure success and satisfaction.
Virgo is portrayed through the form of the virgin, a term that has vastly changed over the centuries. In its initial context, the virgin was a woman of whole virtue. This wholeness came from a sense of complete identity. She is whole within herself, without need for external validation, and free from the constraints of societal pressures. In our modern context, we can appreciate the need for both external support networks and a strong sense of self without the actions of others. However we can carry the lessons of the virgin with us and remember that everything begins and ends with you. You must treat yourself as a loved one and create a solid support for yourself, as you have done to others. 
In order to begin the process of self-love, learning and strength we can look at the way we live our everyday lives. Virgo season is an ideal time to plan ahead, get out your journal and pens, and begin to map out the second half of the year. Use whatever form of journalling that works best for you. Bulletpoints, mindmaps, long form deliberations or a page of key words, the decision is yours. The only essential is that you truly take the time to consider what foundations you want to lay before taking action. 
Now at the halfway mark, we can see what has worked and what hasn't. This is a powerful point of retrospection where we are treading the line between the past and the future, in order to make the best decisions within our wheelhouse. These choices may be small or large, but both should create a sense of control and therefore peace over our circumstances in these difficult times. 
Remember, Virgos are renowned for their hard-working ethic and strength, with many strong, aspiring women in history being born under this constellation. Beyonce, Ava DuVernay, Shania Twain and Jean Smart are all the embodiment of Virgo's consistent can-do attitude and resilience. We are all capable of tapping into this energy.