New Moon in Leo & The Lion's Gate

New Moon in Leo & The Lion's Gate
Reset, reimagine, breathe.

Double down on your dreams, embrace the potent nature of August 8th.
With each new moon we are gifted a new start. Here you can strip back the layers, as the moon has done, and begin again with clear eyes.
What have you learnt since the full moon? Bring this knowledge into your circle of thoughts whilst you set your intentions for the new moon.

This new moon is a powerful injection of energy and fresh inspiration. Remember to check where Leo resides in your chart and begin there. These indicators will give you clear direction regarding where you should shift your energy. This action will be particularly important on the 8th of August, as this new moon in Leo coincides with the Lion's Gate Portal.

The Lion's Gate Portal is created when Orion’s belt aligns with the three pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. There are a multitude of elements that go in the potency of this particular alignment, including the numerological significance of 8/8, the unique cross-over of the new moon, and the square to Uranus earlier in the week.
Examine what has made you feel uncomfortable in recent times and why. 

Dedicate this time to your expansion.
What do you truly want, what resonates with your soul calling and how do you get there. During this period look for cosmic signs, take note of your dreams and if you put the work in you'll be further along your path of growth and self-discovery.