New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini
This week has been full of big astrological moments and planetary transits. The lunar eclipse, mercury retrograde, and now we have the new moon solar eclipse in Gemini. Curiosity for new means of connection is pulsating through our collective veins.

New moons are potent time for manifesting intentions and creating future plans. Check that your goals are in alignment with your higher self and true identity. You create your future through your present actions. As this new moon is in Gemini, we are called to re-evaluate the way we communicate, create and consumer. Consider the quality versus quality of your interactions with both yourself and others in your life. 


Through the lens of mercury retrograde, this solar eclipse encourages a total reset, more than previous new moons. Dig deeper if you feel able, the work is hard but worth the additional discomfort. This is the way to see yourself from a new perspective, one to guide you and hold your truest alignment. The collective good will thank you, as this deep soul searching reverberates across humanity. Your voice and thoughts have the power to help your community and provide a platform for those in need. Gemini is deeply philosophical but also inherently approachable. Allow this energy to aid your humanitarian endeavors.

One process of embracing the new moon solar eclipse may be to write down your hopes and intentions for the coming month, then burn them in a safe way, releasing your words into the ether. Another may be to meditate and clear your mind, seeing what key words and thought arise from this blank canvas.

Enjoy the renewal and purpose of this coming eclipse.