Gemini Season ✨

Gemini Season ✨

When the sun enters Gemini, we are reminded to take time for communication and connection. Gemini is the multitasker of the zodiac and with that title comes a thirst for more. 

The gemstone that is most associated with Gemini is: The Moonstone. Gemini is a typically exciting sign, always having a genuine interest in the world around them, finding intellectual conversations to join and overall passion for their desires in life.

Sometimes all this excitement can overwhelm a Gemini and so meditating with a moonstone every few days can relax and calm a Gemini in order to regain their balance and harmony. Moonstone also heightens Geminis great qualities, use this stone for Gemini season or gift to your Gemini friends!

Flirty, knowledgeable, curious - Gemini flows through projects like the air it embodies. Captivating those around them, energetic exchange is the fuel to their fire, the winds that fan the flames. While networking and socialising is not entirely off the cards during the pandemic, this challenge encourages you to reach out to others. A phone call, handwritten letter or surprise gift in the mail can make a world of difference to a loved one and leave you with a soaring heart. 
This Gemini season, find your personal rhythm by watching the world around you and emulating the flexibility and flow of the Gemini spirit. A few things to consider during this period...

Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself? Do you have projects left unfinished that hold too much space in your mind? Do your current life actions reflect the goals you want to achieve?

Use the energy of Gemini’s mutable nature to push through barriers in your own unique way. 
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