Meet the Tribe: Rachel

Meet the Tribe: Rachel

We sat down with Rachel, our beautiful Wollongong store manager to chat all things crafty and inspiring - she invites us in to take a closer look into her very own world of art 💕

Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m an artist and the Store Manager for Tree of Life in Wollongong.


Talk us through your journey that has led you to where you are now.

I’ve always been a very creative and visual person. I’ve been painting and making crafts for as long as I can remember. There are photos of me as young as 3 years old wearing a beret and painting. There’s a line in Toy Story where Mr Potato Head moves all his face parts around and says “Look, I’m Picasso!”. Apparently, I used to go around saying that line over and over. 


In school I took every art class I could, and was always drawing something. I went to uni and got a degree in Visual Art. 


Art has always been my main form of self-expression. I feel most comfortable when I am in the flow state of creating something and I am able to be most vulnerable and open through my work. 



What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me. But to name a few: 


My mental health, my emotions, love, my family. Nature, women, bright colors, organic shapes and unique textures all inspire me. I love the 1980’s and the boldness and brightness of that time period. I am constantly looking at my surroundings for something I may not have noticed before and how I can incorporate it into my work. 



How do you get in the zone to start creating?

I have to tidy my studio, and light some candles. I usually play “Lo-fi Chillhop Beats to Relax/Study to” on YouTube. I’ll usually start with a few pages of scribbles or doodles, just to get my imagination jump started and then I’ll get into whatever my main project is for that day. 



Rachel is currently displaying her art in The creative Container in Wollongong if you would like to see her wonderful work in person.

Directed by @fleurmaid

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