Meet the Muse: Jeanette

Meet the Muse: Jeanette

To celebrate the launch of ‘Made In Nepal’, we invited the cosmic Jeanette to journey with us to Dharug Land.

Consciously crafted to explore new worlds. Our muse Jeanette embodies the vagabond spirit of our most coveted collection.
To celebrate the launch of ‘Made In Nepal’, we invited the cosmic Jeanette to journey with us to Dharug Land.
We spent an evening talking all things inspiration, what it means to be a muse and some quick tips to authentic styling.
Here, we get to know the heavenly Jeanette and take an intimate view of our conscious collection.



Q: Hi Jeanette! First up, what are your big three?
A: I am an Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Sagittarius Rising
Q: What is a muse to you?
A: A holy, creative spirit, instilling wonder in our hearts and inspiring the tired.
Q: How does wearing Tree Of Life make you feel?
A: Like myself! I spent so many years dressing to “fit in”, when all I wanted was to be the colourful soul I am. It feels so good to be the pop of colour in a city-scape.
Q: What’s your number one styling tip?
A: Accessories are everything - they’re the flowers on a vine, the glitter on the water. You are always enchanting, but you could always be breathtaking.


Q: What inspires you?
A: Perseverance and grace - nothing to me is more inspiring than overcoming the darkness and looking good doing it.
Q: What does expression mean to you? How do you express yourself?
A: Expression to me is honouring your authenticity. I do this by owning my emotions and my vision - I live in my world, and expressing my authenticity will populate it with the right people.
Q: A word of wisdom to your Inner Child?
A: “This pain is real, but it will all be over soon enough.”
Q: What would your Crone self say to you right now?
A: “You will always have time - but you’d be happier if you did it now.”
Q: What have you decided to share with us today and why?
A: This poem is by J. R. R. Tolkien; The Shores of Faery. An incredible man with an incredible life - both sad and wonderful. This precious poem brings hope, beauty, and wonder into the world - turning our thoughts to a place beyond the sea - not to escape our troubles, but to preserve the thought of something beautiful still exciting; to persevere and hope to see it one day.
Directed by @brittmmurphy

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