June Horoscopes

June Horoscopes

Softness, and self-mastery; feeling, and finding inspired action. Flavoured by a distinctive yin quality, the forecast for June is imbued with divinely feminine energies. Beauty sparkles as the Planet of Love kisses the Sun during our annual Venus Cazimi… before the Winter Equinox (southern hemisphere) invites us to turn inward and embrace the dark. June is a time to connect with yourself; as well as anything, or anyone, that feels like home... 

Oh, June. The month ahead is looking moody, nostalgic, and romantic. Think 90's Wynona Ryder. It’s time to connect with yourself intimately and in your entirety; joys, fears, ugly crying and all. We’re officially at the midpoint of 2024, and it’s usually around here that a theme of shifting seasons comes through, in more ways than one. Gemini season, which flavours the bulk of the month, always reflects a process of questioning and expanding what we know. Along the way, our Venus Cazimi (an annual meeting between Venus and the Sun) brings waves of light and beauty; evoking a sense of solace and steadiness. Explorations will take a turn and deepen, as the Sun shifts signs, marking Cancer season, as well as our Winter and Summer Equinoxes (southern and northern hemispheres respectively). With this shift, our focus moves from thinking, to feeling; exploring, to being; and ideas of who we currently are, versus who we want to be. With that established, the Capricorn Full Moon asks us to stake our truth and visions into the ground. One thing’s for sure. We’re in for a powerful month!

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Themes: Finding and embracing new passions, presence, patience, seeking answers.

Lovely Aries, for you June will feel particularly reflective, and mentally expansive. The sector of your chart associated with learning and communication is activated, making it the perfect month to pursue any new or budding passions. Stay tuned for cosmic guidance on June 5th, where our annual Venus Cazimi (Sun-Venus meeting) powerfully heightens inspiration. Daydream, draw, jot down your musings. The next day (June 6th) the Gemini New Moon also meets Venus, emphasising the find-your-passion theme even more so. What makes you feel truly alive and inspired? What causes you to lose a sense of time?

On June 9th, Mars (your planetary ruler) moves into Taurus, inviting you to bring more presence into your life. As a naturally fast-paced sign, this means finding the sweet spot between momentum and mindfulness. On June 21st, the Sun moves into Cancer for the winter equinox, which may feel like an emotionally heightened chapter for you. Honour this with patience, and a good old dose of self-care. The same applies to the next day, where our Capricorn Full Moon also has the potential to feel a little challenging in its opposition to Venus. Finally, the planet of challenge (Saturn) goes retrograde on June 30th. Aries, you’re on a journey of figuring out what you want and why; how to honour your inner world, and how to see that mirrored in your outer world. The answers might not all land at once, but they’ll come. You’ve got this.

Themes: Maintaining a divine equilibrium, simple pleasures, movement and stillness.

Dear Taurus, ease and expansion are your key words for June. The journey you’re on involves mastering the ability to embrace new opportunities, realities and horizons — while at the same time maintaining your centre; a sense of stability, grace, and calm. Throughout this month, the area of your chart associated with sensuality, health, and nature will be activated. This offers the perfect window to ground your nervous system through rituals and practices which celebrate beauty. Think: lots of herbal tea, bushwalks, yoga, adorning yourself, candles, or a digital detox.

On June 5th, a dazzling cosmic event takes place: our annual Venus Cazimi (a Sun-Venus meeting) — which will be particularly auspicious for you, as a Venus-ruled sign. Be sure to carve out the space for yourself to take in the delights of being a human; sunlight on your skin, that first bite, a warm shower, bare feet on the earth. Our Gemini New Moon unfolds the very next day, so this mini-portal will feel particularly potent and delicious. Mars (planet of action) moves into your sign on June 9th, reigniting your inner fire and a desire for movement. This will be a powerful week to get things done, before Venus moves into Cancer (June 17th), ushering in a more introspective chapter. The equinox on June 21st invites you to pause, feel all your feels, and celebrate your individual journey; before a Capricorn Full Moon (June 22nd), reminds you of the power of connecting with a supportive community, family, or soul tribe.

Themes: Celebration, romanticism, self-care, acknowledging your journey.

Darling Gemini, as the Sun dances through your sign for most of the month, magic will flow through in abundance. June invites you to celebrate the divinely interconnected threads of your journey, all they’ve led to, and the person you’ve become. On June 5th, we have our Venus Cazimi. ‘Cazimi’ comes from an Arabic word which translates to ‘as if in the heart.’ On this day, Venus moves within 1 degree of the Sun, or enters the ‘heart’ of the Sun. Because this ethereal alignment takes place in your sign, this window will feel particularly nurturing Gemini. The New Moon (in your sign!) the next day (June 6th), further enhances these energies. Love, beauty, and creativity will flourish. Plant seeds of intention and set new goals that align with who you are in this moment.

As the Sun shifts into Cancer on June 21st, you’re officially invited into the realms of self-care. Even if your social calendar is full, allow yourself the occasional retreat into solitude. Venus is in Cancer (from June 17th), so you may feel more sensitive than usual. Granted the time and space, this can be a deeply clarifying and magical experience. On June 22nd, our Capricorn Full Moon brings a culmination of the efforts you’ve put into your career and long-term goals. It’ll be a powerful time for manifestation, and recognising the fruits of your labour. You’ve come so far. Celebrate that!

Themes: Discernment and self-loving choices, openness, releasing guilt, trust.

Dear Cancer, as we move towards your solar season, June will feel both spiritual and profound. You’re being invited to deepen your relationship with yourself; to find patience and love for all parts of you. This month is going to be magic. On June 5th, a dazzling Venus Cazimi activates your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. Think Crown Chakra energy. Here, you’ll notice heightened intuition and a deeper sense of inner peace. Roll with it, and note the inspiration which comes through. The Gemini New Moon (June 6th) furthers this theme, inviting you to set intentions and explore your spiritual path. This is a perfect time for meditation, tarot, conscious reading, and other practices that connect you with your higher self. Venus moves into your lovely sign on June 17th, ushering in more introspection. You’ll find yourself more in tune with your emotions and desires, making it a perfect chapter for taking first steps that feel aligned with your soul truth. The universe is looking out for you Cancer. That idea will be even more apparent as the Sun enters your sign on June 21st, marking the equinox and... Cancer Season!

With all that solar goodness shining down on your sign, this transition brings a sense of renewal, and new beginnings. Embrace this period to focus on self-care, and celebrating your journey. You deserve that and more. The Capricorn Full Moon (June 22nd) highlights your connections with others. This is a powerful time for manifestation and recognising the impact of your relationships on your personal growth. This goes the other way too. You are so loved.

Themes: Empowerment, trusting your timeline, letting loose and having fun.

Dear Leo, dynamism and change flow through this month, in abundance. With your sector of wealth, health, and beauty activated for the majority of the month - the stars are officially lining up in your favour. Magically, Venus Cazimi illuminates your sector of friendships and community on June 5th.  Expect heightened awareness around those who truly support and uplift you. This is a time to cherish those relationships — and perhaps (with gratitude), peacefully release or step back from the ones who no longer align with your values. The Gemini New Moon on June 6th furthers this theme, encouraging you to set intentions around your social life and community involvement. This is an excellent time to meet new like-minded souls, to collaborate, and engage in group activities that feel alive. As Venus moves into Cancer on June 17th, you’ll notice your focus shifting inward. Here, self-love can become your official guiding principle.

When the Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, you may feel a pull towards deeper intimacy, and family. This period also encourages you to seek balance between your external achievements and your inner world, particularly as we meet our Capricorn Full Moon on June 22nd. A time to recognise your accomplishments, this is also a moment to evaluate  how your work-life impacts your well-being. Is there need for refinement or change? You’re being reminded to trust that the universe supports you in living your best life, always.

Themes: Career, like-minded connections, creativity, and sharing your gifts.

Dear Virgo, June brings a sense that all the pieces are falling together, as synchronicities and signs light up your path ahead. Enjoy. On June 5th, Venus Cazimi illuminates your career sector, evoking a sense of clarity and gratitude in your work life. Reminder: embrace the art of receiving, by allowing yourself to truly take in recognition and support from your team (or clients). The Gemini New Moon (June 6th) continues this theme, encouraging you to set new intentions around your ambitions. What would you like to set in motion, or bring to life? 

As Venus moves into Cancer on June 17th, your focus shifts to soul tribe. This is a perfect time to bring people together; whether through organising gatherings, joining community projects, or simply spending quality time with loved ones. With the solstice (June 21st), you'll feel a pull towards nurturing your emotional connections and home environment. Here, you’re encouraged to find balance between your social life and personal time. Our Capricorn Full Moon (June 22nd) powerfully illuminates your sector of creativity and self-expression. This is a window for acknowledging your talents, and sharing them with the world in new ways. Allow yourself to be inspired. Flow with any artistic endeavours that spark your interest (scrapbooking, sewing, doodling on the train), and don’t overthink it. Trust that the universe wants your creativity to bloom, so it'll always meet you halfway.

Themes: Newness, personal fulfilment and purpose, infusing work with play, home.

Dear Libra, your words for the month are adventure and purpose. This chapter will be about exploring new (and exciting!) horizons, as well as deepening your connection to a broader sense of meaning in your life. You’re simultaneously being guided towards expansive experiences, as well as a clearer sense of personal direction. On June 5th, Venus Cazimi auspiciously illuminates your sector of travel and higher learning, potentially sparking a desire for adventure and growth. If you do find yourself seeking new experiences, (whether through travel, study, or exploring new philosophies), go with it! Embrace this energy, and watch as it expands your worldview.

The Gemini New Moon (June 6th) will be the perfect time to call in your new visions. Here’s a window for planning trips, enrolling in courses, or starting new projects that align with your passions. Reminder: as a cardinal sign, the edge of your comfort zone can be a powerful and wonderful place to be.
When the Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, marking the solstice, you’ll feel a new pull towards balancing your professional ambitions with your personal life. This period encourages you to break free of any compartmentalising patterns. Reminder: you can integrate your sense of adventure, joy, and purpose into all areas of your life! The Capricorn Full Moon on June 22nd highlights your home and family sector. Have a cosy night in, snuggle up with loved ones; and embrace with open arms - the idea that home is where the heart is.

Themes: Soul deep diving, intimacy and connection, transmutation, self-love.

Dear Scorpio, with your sector of shadow work activated for most of June, you’re presented an opportunity to dive deep into your psyche… and emerge with a renewed sense of self. Very caterpillar-butterfly chrysalis vibes. On June 5th, Venus Cazimi illuminates your sector of intimacy; an invitation into radical vulnerability, whatever that means for you. It’ll also be an amazing date night.

Speaking of vulnerability, the Gemini New Moon (June 6th) calls you to set intentions around your personal transformation. Reflect on the aspects of yourself which feel ready to evolve, as well as any fears which currently prevent that process. This will be an awesome time for sharing; whether that be through therapy, journaling, or other practices that help you explore your inner world. The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, for Cancer season, and the winter solstice. You’ll feel a shift with this potent annual marker — and a call to integrate your inner evolution, with your life as a whole. This period invites you to balance introspection with outward expression, so as to create a divine harmony between your inner and outer worlds. Lighter vibes come through with the Capricorn Full Moon (June 22nd),  activating your communication sector. Here, you’re being reminded of the power of your words and thoughts. Observe the nature of your internal dialogue. Is it as self-loving as you deserve?

Themes: Relationships (all kinds), honest conversations, slowing down, restoration.

Dear Sagittarius, June is a month of deepening relationships, both with yourself, and those around you. With the Sun in your opposite sign for most of the month, the universe is officially conspiring to bring you closer to those who matter most. To kick off, Venus Cazimi (June 5th) lights up your relationship sector; bringing clarity and harmony to your connections — whether romantic, platonic, or professional. You can use this cosmic portal to nurture, deepen, and further understand these relationships. You are a highly independent sign Sagittarius, but a strong support base can be a powerful thing.

The Gemini New Moon (June 6th) further runs with this theme. This will be an amazing time to initiate new relationships, rekindle old ones, or simply spend quality time with the ones you love. Gemini energy is all about communication, so this will also be a perfect time for any overdue heart-to-heart conversations. Our solstice unfolds on June 21st, which for you, marks a shift in pace. Life will slow down a little, but in the best way. Rest and restore are your key words here lovely Sagittarius. Know that a recharging period will be the best thing for you to move into your next chapter with a full heart and guns blazing. The idea of a pause is further emphasised by the Capricorn Full Moon on June 22nd. As a fast-paced sign, you’re reminded here that stopping to simply breathe, can often be a necessary step for receiving clarity and cosmic guidance. This Moon invites you to honour your body with rest, plenty of hydration, and (if possible) time in nature. You’re deeply connected to Mother Earth’s rhythms, and as the world changes seasons, so too do you.

Themes: Wellness, adjusting daily habits and routines, receiving, self-acknowledgement.

Dear Capricorn, June is your official month of wellness, and refinement. Very spring cleaning vibes, as this chapter presents an opportunity for you to rejuvenate your mind and body. On June 5th, Venus Cazimi illuminates your wellness sector, heightening your awareness around your physical and mental wellbeing. It’ll suddenly feel extra obvious what’s working in your life, versus what isn’t; what feels amazing, versus what feels ready to be released. You can use this energy to implement healthy habits, and let go of patterns that no longer serve you. Perfect timing, because a day later the Gemini New Moon (June 6th) will be excellent for setting intentions around your daily routines and self-care practices. Reflect on how you could potentially create a more balanced lifestyle. This will also be an amazing time for re-organising or decluttering your space.

Cancer season begins on June 21st, activating your sector of relationships. You’re being reminded here that asking for support does not indicate failure. Delegate, ask for help, comfort, and whatever else you need. There’s a high chance someone is ready and waiting to give it to you! This month the Full Moon powerfully unfolds in your sign (June 22nd), inviting you into a celebration of self. Closure may come through, as well as the sense you’re at a full circle moment. Reminder: you’re doing amazing Capricorn.

Themes: Playfulness, joy, new relationships, becoming a change-maker, dreams.

Dear Aquarius, get ready for a month of vibrant self-expression, artistry, romance, and (most importantly) play! This chapter is one to explore and enjoy the lighter shades of this glorious human experience. On June 5th, Venus Cazimi lights up your creativity and romance sector, evoking a major heart-opening. Be sure to give yourself the space for inspiration and excitement to flow through freely. You’ll be able to use this energy to ignite any creative projects, as well as a general sense of romance within your life.

The Gemini New Moon (June 6th) carries this idea further, inviting you to set intentions around your self-expression, and personal joy. Consider what (or who) brings you the most happiness, and how you can incorporate more of them into your life. This is an excellent time to initiate new creative projects, explore nature, and open your heart to the idea of new connections. As the Sun enters Cancer (June 21st), your sector of service is activated, making it a potent time to consider the impact you’d like to have (and are currently having) on the world. Where do you see the need for change? How can you make a difference? This might be anything from smiling at your waiter, to starting a petition. Here, the universe is reminding you that you have an incredible potential to evoke difference in this world. Illuminating your sector of spirituality, the Capricorn Full Moon (June 22nd) will feel extra trippy for you. Pay close attention to your musings and feelings. This could also be a great time to start a dream journal!

Themes: Home, inner sanctuary and security, philosophy, challenging yourself.

Dear Pisces, the month of June brings themes of emotional healing and self-nurturance for you. The universe is officially inviting you to create a sanctuary within yourself and your environment. Belonging will be a big idea this month, as well as an exploration of what ‘home’ means to you. Speaking of which, on June 5th, Venus Cazimi illuminates your sector of home and family, bringing clarity and warmth to these spheres of your life. Take in the beauty of your day; the sights, tastes, and sounds. Tell a friend or family member how much you love them, or write a diary entry for your future self to read.

The cosy vibes continue with the Gemini New Moon (June 6th), which invites you to set intentions around your emotional healing and sense of belonging. This could mean anything from committing to therapy, a meditation practice, to redecorating your space. The Sun’s entrance into Cancer (June 21st), will spark a desire for passion and meaning in your life. Small talk will suddenly feel intolerable, as philosophical or spiritual explorations take precedence. Documentaries or books will feel particularly delicious here. The Capricorn Full Moon on June 22nd invites you to (self-lovingly) step outside your comfort zone, or challenge yourself in some way. Perhaps that means joining a class, finishing something you’ve been procrastinating, or stepping up at work. Here the universe reminds you of your power, and of your divinely limitless nature.


Words by @endsinsolace