Postcards from India ūüáģūüá≥

Postcards from India ūüáģūüá≥

Oh Mother India, your spellbinding charm has captured our hearts once again. Our team adventure to this beloved Motherland brought our Tree family face-to-face with the mesmerizing culture and timeless magic that embodies the spirit and everything that is the heart and soul of Tree of Life.

From the moment we touched down in Delhi, the adventure began. We embarked on a road trip to the enchanting city of Jaipur, where the wonderful chaos greeted us with¬†open arms. The vibrant streets and historical marvels of Jaipur left us in awe, each moment more magical than the last.¬†‚Äč


The Pink City¬†‚Äď a vibrant tapestry of history and culture. Majestic palaces and ancient forts rise against the horizon, telling tales of a regal¬†past. The¬†bustling bazaars packed with textiles,¬†jewellery, and vibrant spices - each stall a treasure trove of wonders. At every turn, Jaipur enchants visitors¬†with its blend of old-world¬†charm and modern vibrancy, casting a spell that lingers long after the journey ends.

What we saw: The never-ending heartwarming display of culture, vibrant saris + intricate designs adorning temples and monuments.

What we did:‚Äč Visited one of our beautiful long time suppliers ‚Äď our family that craft hand block treasures and all that makes up our Haveli Collection.

What we ate: The famous Lassiwala!


A serene haven by the sacred Ganges, is a place of spiritual tranquility and natural beauty at the foothills of the Himalayas. The air is filled with the scent of incense and the melodies of traditional kirtan chants. In Rishikesh, every moment invites inner peace and connection with the mystical essence of India.

What we saw: The Beatles Ashram!¬†And the beautiful Aarti fire ceremonies on the river Ganges.¬†‚Äč

What we did: Connected with the locals, shopped their exciting markets and of course practiced some morning Yoga¬†at the local ashrams.¬†‚Äč

What we ate/drank: Masala Chai! Safe to say we all now have a new favourite drink.

Agra ‚Äď The Taj Mahal

Nothing will ever quite compare to waking up at 4am and shortly after watching the sun rise over the Taj Mahal. The stories of eternal love came to life as we walked through the gardens with the light bouncing off the crisp white marble, in awe of this true wonder.



A short but important trip to visit another one of our cherished suppliers and artisans who we have worked with for over 30 years. Greeted with love we then shared an incredible lunch we enjoyed with the team altogether, after an educational tour on how our pieces are crafted right from their beginning processes.

What we saw: The endless kaleidoscope of¬†colours¬†and bustling markets‚Äč

What we ate: Every Paneer curry we could get our hands on! With a generous helping of dessert: Gulab Juman!

Until next time India ‚Äď you have our hearts forever.