Introducing, Prudence from Matar Health

Introducing, Prudence from Matar Health
Tree is thrilled to announce our partnership with the brilliant Prudence from Matar Health. Together we'll be exploring the realm of holistic nutrition and cooking, bringing Prudence's extensive knowledge to you.
To celebrate we've asked Prudence to shed a little light on her expertise, experiences and passion for health and wellbeing.

Hello, my name is Prudence Matar, a full- time mother to three daughters, a Holistic Nutritionist, Managing Director of Matar Health Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Clinic in Sydney and a lifelong avid health enthusiastic.
As a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion in complementary medicine, I am deeply in awe of the healing power of nature, where given the right environment and nutrients, the body is able to find balance and restoration.
Working in my chosen field of Nutritional Medicine, I aid clients in meeting health goals and improving overall health through simple, easy and sustainable food and lifestyle inclusions.

Education is a key component to complementary medicine and addressing and giving back to Community, through health awareness is very important. Working with schools and community organisations across Sydney, we aim to educate women and teen girls around Period and Sexual Health, Fertility and Contraception. We focus on addressing cultural taboos around these health issues through engaging, culturally sensitive and factual content. Normalising the conversation, to allow women to seek specialised medical assistance and understand the difference between a symptom that may be ‘normal’ versus ‘common’.
Quality nutrition, including a variety of foods is the foundation to health. We focus on boosting the nutrient density of family favourite meals, utilising pantry and fridge staples for budget friendly foods and the importance of learning to cook as a life skill.

Keep your eye out for recipes and advice in the future!