Full Moon in Aquarius 🌝

Full Moon in Aquarius 🌝
The lateral thinker of the zodiac, Aquarius finds joy in the process rather than the finished product.

Sometimes misconstrued as distant, Aquarians are deep thinkers who require time to digest information and map out their actions. This sentiment provides this Full Moon in Aquarius with a contemplative power, a prompt to examine our broader lives and community ties. This full moon warns against rash actions, instead promoting thoughtful reasoning and slowing down.

Aquarians are fully aware of the power of the written word and have come to rely on this as a powerful form of reflection and self awareness. This full moon urges you to type up or write down your thoughts to gain clarity and reassurance.

Gather your pens and pencils for this month's prompts

Where are you lacking clarity?
Create a mindmap and see what comes up for you

What parts of your life need further analysis in order to take the next step with confidence?
This can be a long-form response in order to really flesh out the feelings that emerge

How can you embody Aquarius and slow your process?
Create a list of joyful acts that allow you to live in the moment

Muse: Asha
Photographer: Britt Murphy
Images taken on traditional  Kuku and Yalanji Land