When the Moon enters Pisces

When the Moon enters Pisces

Happy Full Moon in Pisces loves 🔮

This Full Moon is watery and full of light. Pisces allows us to dive deep into our creativity and passions but also can allude an altered reality. Don't get too lost in your thoughts. If you're feeling into some creative endeavours, now is the time! Dreamy Pisces will help inspire, motivate and create. 

As well as your inner creative being released, so will an emotional outburst. Be prepared for any emotional entanglements to reach the surface. With the Full Moon being in the Sun Sign of Virgo, we are asked to balance our heads with our hearts. Recalibrate the mystical with the practical. 

This Moon asks you to make those daydreams realistic, what can you add to them to make them seem less like a dream and more like reality? 

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