Moments in Maui

Moments in Maui

Travel diaries with @sarahreisenbichler in postcard-perfect Maui 🌺

Our friends Sarah and Scotty made their way to the breathtaking island of Maui, where they immersed themselves in its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and the warm spirit of aloha.

Sarah and Scotty were able to capture the essence of our latest collection, Trade Winds. Inspired by the nomadic spirit, Trade Winds embodies the desire for exploration and discovery. Join us as we explore their adventures in Maui!

"We can’t thank you and the whole team for believing in us,
for making it happen, and letting us create some gorgeous content for you guys!

It literally was the best trip I’ve been on in my life so far by a long-shot.
We got to spend a lot of time talking with the locals, and really diving into
the history of the islands as well." - Scotty



Muse: @sarahreisenbichler 
Photographer: @scotty.wise