March Horoscopes

March Horoscopes

Full circle moments and new beginningsThe divinely infinite loop of time will sparkle through March. There’s a sense of balance here. Stillness and movement; releasing, and being invited into our wildest dreams...

Oh, to be alive and human! The astrology for March feels supportive and expansive. We have no major planets retrograde (until April 1st), nurturing New and Full Moons, a big dose of Piscean magic, as well as our official entry into a shiny New Astrological Year. We’re still navigating the challenging new Pluto cycle which began on January 20th (to stay for the next two decades) - but the month of March begins to offer solutions, renewed optimism, and perhaps most importantly: inspiration.

Read on to find your zodiac sign’s monthly horoscope. We recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Rising signs!


Themes: Tuning into your body’s rhythms, honouring intuition, celebration

Lovely Aries, as you move closer towards a new Solar cycle, the month will feel both connective and empowering. Throughout March, your sector of body healing is being activated, so there’s a chance that life will feel like it’s slowing down, but in the best way. On March 10th, our Pisces New Moon activates your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. It’ll be a powerful time to tune into your intuitive realms; whether that’s through activities like tarot, meditation, journaling, or just simply carving out the space for solitude and self-reflection.

On March 20th, the Sun shifts into your sign, marking both the equinox and Aries season! It’s your time to shine, and the universe is right here cheering you on. An auspicious meeting between Venus and Saturn on March 22nd reminds you that the sky’s the limit; if you dream it, you can create it, and if you desire it – there’s a good chance it’s meant to be yours. A few days later, (March 25th) we have the first Lunar Eclipse of the year, with the Full Moon in Libra. A harmonious connection to Pluto renders this Moon the perfect time to connect with friends, particularly those you’ve fallen out of touch with. Here, you’re specifically supported in having transparent, vulnerable, and healing conversations.

Themes: Receiving support, inspiration, heightened beauty, processing the past

Dear Taurus, March will bring a sense of ease and support. With your sector of community being illuminated, try to make “collaboration” one of your key words for the month. Reminder: admitting if and where you could benefit from help, certainly doesn’t indicate failure! On March 5th, a harmonious sextile between Mercury (planet of communication) and Uranus (who currently transits your sign), might just lead to a pleasantly surprising conversation, opportunity, or meeting. There’s a reminder here that there’s always something to be learned from everyone, not just those that you consider to be mentors.

The Pisces New Moon on March 10th (8.00pm AEDT), will be a powerful time for connecting with like-minds. Whether that means finding your local Women’s Circle, or enjoying the company of chosen family – allow yourself to be inspired by new perspectives. Your planetary ruler (Venus), enters Pisces a few days later (March 12th); a transit which makes beauty feel heightened. Investing in a new house plant, or spending time in nature will feel particularly delicious for the next few weeks! This month, the Libra Full Moon (March 25th) is indeed a Lunar Eclipse, and these tend to evoke nostalgia. Turning inwards, and listening to any feelings or memories that arise will feel both cathartic and nourishing. Why not create a scrapbook, or photo album to honour the process?

Themes: Synchronicity and self-expression, long-term visions, leaps of faith

Dear Gemini, if the year’s been off to a slow start... that will all start to shift in March. Get ready! You might feel it immediately on March 1st, where a Pisces Sun forms an encouraging sextile to Jupiter. Remember when Harry Potter drank that “lucky” potion? This transit has that kind of effect. Quietly, you might be feeling extra confident, expressive, and empowered. The Pisces New Moon takes place on March 10th, 8pm AEDT. New Moons are always portals for planting seeds, but this one will be particularly so, as it activates your sector of career and long-term goals. Mercury enters Aries on the same day, which can evoke a sense of restlessness - yet you're reminded here, that you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

March 22nd offers a valuable life admin opportunity, with Venus meeting Saturn in Pisces. It’ll be a day to get out the old to-do list; and start mapping out the distance between where you currently are, and your dreams. Reminder: you can achieve anything dear Gemini. Consistency and self-belief are key. With a trine to Pluto, the Libra Full Moon Eclipse (March 25th) is one for overcoming fears and stepping boldly into a new you. If you've been considering taking a leap, this might be the time to shoot your shot!

Themes: Play, deeper purpose and meaning, inner transformation, softness

Darling Cancer, March will be your friend. The month will have you feeling playful, re-inspired, realigned and on your path. On March 5th, a sweet connection between Mercury and Uranus may bring unexpected solutions and opportunities. There’s a reminder here that with a predominance of Aquarian energy colouring the cosmos, you’ll likely find your answers outside the box.

Our Pisces New Moon falls on March 10th (8.00pm AEDT), and for you carries a theme of life purpose and meaning. It’ll be a powerful time to ask yourself some of the big questions: where do I feel most fulfilled and aligned in my soul truth? What truly ignites my inner spark? Speaking of sparks, our equinox (March 20th) brings in a New Astrological Year, as well as a fiery Aries season. Both will feel like a boost of motivation and momentum, lean into it and enjoy! Our Libra Full Moon Eclipse on March 25th adds a different vibe to the table; more of a yin quality. A harmonious trine to Pluto renders this a powerful time for emotional healing. It may be the perfect window for a solid check-in with yourself. How are you, really? Are there any sore spots you’re ready to gently explore? This will be a powerful time for transformation, and release.


Themes: Alchemy, pleasant surprises, inner and outer change, a new you

Lovely Leo, March will be both potent and pleasant. Your word of the month is Transformation, as you approach new and uncharted territories. You’ll be observing old fears within yourself, at the very same time as starting to dissolve and overcome them – to become more of who you truly are. Our last New Moon of the astrological year takes place on March 10th, illuminating the part of your chart associated with shadow work and healing. If there were ever a time to be journaling and connecting with your inner world, it would be now! With Venus (our planet of love and beauty) entering dreamy Pisces on March 12th, you may have the feeling that lines of intuition and logic are blurring, as life begins to feel more synchronistic.

Practices like yoga, tarot and meditation will feel particularly clarifying near the annual Neptune Cazimi (March 17th), which will also be an awesome time to lean into your creativity Leo. Whether it’s painting, singing, or simply redecorating your room… go for it, and enjoy the magic that arises with spontaneous self-expression. On March 25th our Libra Full Moon Eclipse will feel supportive and exploratory. Activating your sector of learning, you’re invited to pick up a new hobby, visit somewhere, or try something you’ve never done before. Tip: if you’ve been sitting on an idea that makes you feel good-nervous… perhaps now’s the time to act!

Themes: Trust, relationships, balance, giving and receiving

Dear Virgo, with the Sun in your opposite sign for most of the month, March carries a theme of Balance. The universe is reminding you that even in the spaces which are totally out of your control, there’s a benevolent force guiding and carrying you. Not everything will necessarily make sense now, but maybe it’s worth remembering the times where life worked out even better than you had imagined. A Pisces New Moon on March 10th illuminates your sector of relationships, evoking a portal for new beginnings in this sphere.

Maybe it’s time to get back out there, reach out to an old friend, or shoot your shot with a crush (particularly around March 23rd, with Mars moving into Pisces). On the other hand, perhaps it’s time to release a not-so-beneficial relationship, a process which does require intention and grace. Use your discernment to feel into the reciprocity of your relationships; areas where you might be overextending, or that could use a bit more love. You’ll know what to do! On March 25th, our Libra Lunar Eclipse Full Moon invites you to slow life down, and to connect with the rhythms of nature. Whether that means getting out on a hike, or pampering your house plants – pay particular attention to the breath, and slowing down your mind. If you can, why not rise with the sun, and wind down early with candlelight?


Themes: Minimising and refining, new habits, dreaming, self-love

Dear Libra, you know those chapters where nothing feels more satisfying than re-organising your life and everything in it? March is that, and more. On March 10th, our Pisces New Moon activates your sector of routine and wellbeing. Here, there’s an emphasis on the ways you move through your everyday life; specifically, what can be tweaked and refined for your own contentment. If there’s a habit you haven’t been able to shake, or indeed one you’d like to pick up – this will be the perfect moon for setting that intention, and making it happen. See how you go for one lunar cycle, and check in with yourself at next month’s Scorpio Full Moon!

Your planetary ruler (Venus) will enter Pisces on March 12th, meeting Neptune on March 17th. If at this time you feel less connected to the three-dimensional world… flow with it. Daydreaming, watching films, journaling, and creating art are the vibe here. Our Autumn Equinox (Spring, in the Northern hemisphere) unfolds on March 20th, as the Sun shifts into Aries. With your sector of relationships illuminated, this could be a perfect date night (platonic or otherwise). Finally, we wrap up the month with a gorgeous Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your sign. Libra, your goal here is to fall in love with yourself, again, or perhaps for the first time. If it feels right – carve out the space to acknowledge where you are on your journey, and just how far you’ve come. Give yourself your flowers.

Themes: Creative expression, nourishing your inner child, your magic

Dear Scorpio, March is first and foremost going to feel like play. The sector of your chart associated with the inner child is illuminated for most of the month, inviting you to reconnect with the sense of excitement and joy that you entered this world with. When you don’t overthink it, being creative comes effortlessly for you - and you’ll feel that on March 5th, with a conversation between Mercury and Uranus. You’re being specifically invited to share your creations and passions dear Scorpio, and there’s a chance they’ll be particularly well received. This call will become louder with the Pisces New Moon, on March 10th.

On March 20th, we start a New Astro Year alongside the equinox, and Aries season. Here’s a perfect opportunity to wrap up loose threads, obligations or admin tasks you’ve been procrastinating. You’ll feel amazing afterwards! On March 25th, we collectively experience a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, in Libra. This one will feel particularly potent, as it activates your sector of spiritual connection, and forms a harmonious trine to your planetary ruler, Pluto. It’s a powerful time to connect with that which reminds you of your magic. Whether that means speaking to your guides, ancestors, drawing tarot cards, or reading poetry; now’s the time to find that space of quiet, etheric solace.

Themes: Emotional safe space, your inner world, softness, curiosity

Dear Sagittarius, March will feel like a sanctuary for you. In allowing yourself to explore the depths of your inner world, why not treat this month as a chrysalis? The next thing you know, you’ll be ready to soar. Our Pisces New Moon takes place on March 10th. Because it activates your sector of home, family and inner processing; it’ll be a powerful time to connect with the things that make you feel safe. Whether that’s a loved one, an environment or ritual – you can use this portal to slow down your nervous system. In accessing your inner yin qualities, you’ll naturally enhance your intuition and creative faculties. Tip: Often the answers to those “unsolvable” problems arise here!

More movement flows through with the equinox and our entrance into Aries Season (March 20th). While there will be a new-beginnings vibe around here, you’re reminded to balance your momentum with plenty of rest. Mars (planet of action) entering Pisces on March 23rd further emphasises the idea of inner and outer progress; of balancing all your actions with equal parts emotional intentionality. The Libra Full Moon Eclipse (March 25th) seeks to connect you with those you find inspiring. Let yourself internet deep dive, or in other ways follow your trail of curiosity and passion. You might be surprised where it takes you!

Themes: Learning, new perspectives, flowing with nature’s rhythms, future visions

Lovely Capricorn, for you, March can illuminate broader perspectives and exciting new horizons. The area of your chart associated with learning and education is being activated for the next four weeks – in other words “boring” will be the last word to describe your month ahead. A Pisces New Moon unfolds on March 10th, at 8pm AEDT. There may arise a feeling of nostalgia and closure with this moon, rendering it a powerful time for journaling or self-reflection. If you are feeling extra sensitive, spoil yourself; bubble baths, massages, retail therapy, the works – you deserve this and more!

With Mars (planet of willpower) entering Pisces on March 23rd, you might start to feel slightly scattered, or not quite yourself. Here, you’re being invited to deeply connect with nature’s rhythms; which often ask for stillness, and movement at different times. Tuning into your heart and that voice of inner guidance will be helpful here, and a tech detox can work wonders for clarity! Our Libra Full Moon Eclipse unfolds on March 25th, which will feel both liberating and motivating for you. Why not use the lunar cycle to create a vision board of what you’d like the next six, or twelve months to look like?

Themes: Nourishment, honouring your physicality, intention setting, journeying

Dear Aquarius, for you March is a month for good food, rest, time in nature and a general honouring of your beautiful body. With your Venusian sector of sensuality activated for most of the month, you’ll be wanting to smell the roses both literally and figuratively. On March 10th we have a Pisces New Moon. If available to you, visiting a body of water will feel particularly nourishing at this time. If not, taking in the magic of a warm shower will do the trick. You’ll have themes of cleansing, slowing down, and reconnecting to your own biological rhythms throughout the whole month; so pay close attention to your sleep, as well as hydration, and daily movement levels. If there were ever a time to start a daily yoga practice, it could be now!

When Neptune meets the Sun (March 17th), we collectively experience our annual Neptune Cazimi. This magical day will be full of exactly that, as we’re reminded that no dream is too big (or small!). It’ll be a powerful time to set some intentions, and better yet, to write them down! The Libra Full Moon (March 25th) offers you inspiration for all things travel and journeying. Whether that means internally, or taking a spontaneous road trip – surrender, and enjoy.

Themes: Celebrating self, your truth, magic, embarking on new paths, restoration

Dear Pisces, it’s Pisces season for most of the month, and as such, March carries the flowy and etheric nature of your sign. You’re right at the cusp of a brand-new chapter, and this month is about honouring the poetry, synchronicity, and beauty of your journey. You’ll be feeling supported with the Sun in your sign, as it makes harmonious connections with Jupiter (March 1st) and Uranus (March 5th). Here, you’re being invited to express your truth, in new ways, with the confidence that it will land as it should.

A New Moon in your sign (March 10th), furthers this idea. If you’ve been considering venturing into new territories (a hobby, course, relationship, place) – this will be a particularly empowering time to do so. Besides, you’re totally supported! An auspicious meeting between the Sun and your planetary ruler (Neptune) in your sign on March 17th will feel like your birthday (if it’s not already the case). The magic will be apparent lovely Pisces, make of that what you will. Whether it’s spending time in nature, with loved ones, family or yourself – this will be time for heightened presence. Tip: pay close attention to intuitive whispers, which may be louder than usual at this time. As we leave Pisces for Aries season (March 20th), and move towards our Libra Full Moon Eclipse (March 25th), the pace of life will likely pick up. The good news is, you’ll be feeling restored, rejuvenated, and more than ready for exactly that!


Words by @endsinsolace