Meet the Tribe: Greta

Meet the Tribe: Greta

When did you first start making your own music?

 I've been singing since I was old enough to talk, but first began playing live shows with original songs when i was 16. I started to take music more seriously and begin recording my songs professionally at the age of 19, and I guess I haven't stopped since, I'm now 27.


What inspires you to start writing a song?

Anything and everything! I'm definitely an overthinker, I guess this drives my songwriting. I'm often inspired by the weather and seasons, I have wrote a lot of songs about far North Queensland as that's where I live and grew up. I'd say a lot of my songs are 'love' songs, and are often personal experiences. 

What has been your favourite festival to play? Any stand out moments that’ll stick with you forever? 
My favourite festival to play was 'Neck of the woods' festival in Townsville. The community and audience were beyond amazing, they set it up so beautifully we had a bunch of artist tents around a campfire, it was so special. We actually headlined the Sunday night which was the first headline on a festival for me and it was the night I started dating my boyfriend Bronson, (who at the time was my bass player) so I suppose one to remember! 

Your new album “Real Love in Real Life” is out now! Can you tell us a little about it? 

It's a collection of love songs, about family relationships and a love for where you're from, self love, and the romantic kind too. I worked with two far North Queensland based producers, as well as a german based producer on it and it's 12 songs that i'm super duper proud of. Given the last two years of covid making touring really impossible at times, i'm so grateful I was still able to record and create music. I'm so hopeful that touring and festivals remain possible for the future now, and I can't wait to play all these new songs to a real live audience.

 When you’re not creating music, what to do get up to?

I work two day jobs, one being in disability support and one at Tree of Life, Cairns! I've worked at Tree for about 8 years now casually. They've always been super supportive with my music and commitments.
In the last two years I've made some incredible friendships there that actually helped shape my music career too. Saskia Hilton and Amber Shay were hired as christmas casuals and prior to that I hadn't met either of them, during our time working at Tree together I learned that they are both insanely talented! We recently collaborated for a photoshoot surrounding the album, and then most recently a very 80's themed film clip that we are all so proud of.
The women I get to work with at Tree are all so beautiful and full of talent, no wonder I've been there so long haha! I also have recently started fostering dogs since i love my own two so much, and am fostering my second greyhound, it's a really rewarding experience but it's hard to not want to keep them all. Greys are so unique and hilarious. 
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Words by: @gretastanley
Directed by: @fleurmaid