Libra Season

Libra Season
This Libra season, embrace acts of luxury.

Take an hour to brush your hair.
Reach out to those who give you compliments.
Every day is special, so don't save your best things for a rainy day.
Enjoy life.

Libran's find meaning through the visuals of this life, alongside the relationships they nurture. These two spheres of conscious decision-making are so often in sync with one another without us knowing. We examine our own personal style through the lens of those we know and those we observe. Consider how much of an impact individuals have on the way you perceive your style.

This is not necessarily a reflection on your actions or of what is good or bad - instead, why you have presented yourself in a certain way.
Think, for example, do you subscribe to a way of dressing as a means of connecting with community?
Do you express your personality visually, as a form of identity outside of belonging with others?
Or do you consider your clothing as a simple necessity?
Regardless of the way you adorn your body, the most important notion is why.

Think deeply about why you connect with certain items of clothing, how they make you feel, and thus why they make you feel that way. The better your understanding of the reasoning behind your visual self-expression, the deeper you come in contact with your true self. The Libra way of life is not one of superficiality, it's about connecting to the material plane on a spiritual level.

Libra season is also a time to re-evaluate how you include the finer things into the everyday. How do you express yourself through the realm of aesthetics? Is it your home, your clothing, the gifts you give, the way you document your life through social media?
All of these are equally relevant in figuring out where your happiness lies. Self authenticity does not have to be purely aesthetic, but Libra encourages you to indulge and surround yourself with items and acts you consider luxurious.

As Libra knows, every person deserves to feel harmony within themselves. The symbol of the scales is a deeper representation of the balance we must maintain between our internal worlds and the relationships we hold dear.