How to Throw a Magical Spring Dinner Party

How to Throw a Magical Spring Dinner Party

“The fondest of memories are made gathered around a table”  

To celebrate the first glimpses of spring and the launch of our new collection, a few members of our TOL family came together to eat, drink, laugh and dance under the stars.  

All wearing the new Blossom Magic, we styled each piece with our own individual style and flare. 

We spoke with our Tree hostess for some nifty and simple tips and tricks to charm and enchant your guests for a magical spring night;  

1. First and foremost, heavenly food.  

Whilst most people will spend hours concocting scrumptious creations in their kitchen, let's be honest it's hard to find the time. If you can, amazing, if not get takeaway. It's best to order takeaway food with lots of dishes so that everyone gets a little bit of something. The trick to serving takeaway is how you plate it. In the spirit of TOL, we had vegan Indian. Plate each dish in a unique, vintage bowl/plate and tadaa. You’ve got a fancy-Ish dinner with no fuss.  


2. It’s Spring so flowers are necessary.  

To make any table magical, just keep adding flowers. It's easiest to purchase a combination of a large amount of cheaper shrubbery (wattle for August/September) and a smaller amount of more expensive flowers (dragon snaps, tulips etc.) The shrubbery can act as the base; pop her in multiple vases around the room you're dining in and at the end of the table as well as scattering in the middle of the table setting. Add a dragon snap (or tulip etc) here and there where your wattle is placed. Now you have lots of flowers for less.  

3. Cover all the senses.  

Your yummy food covers taste and flowers sight, but you still have 3 more. Sound, smell and touch. Set the mood with a funky playlist and of course incense. If you are an OG Tree girl you know we have incense for you. We like to make sure we have comfy seats and boho cushions to make our guests comfortable and relaxed. 

4. A magical dinner needs a magical table setting 

At TOL we love colour. We especially love combining different styles and colours of tableware. For this Spring dinner, we combined blue vintage chinaware with our Kashmiri bowls for a little contrast. That was paired with mismatching glasses and cutlery. And no table is ready without a funky tablecloth …. pst we’ve got some. Our bedspreads double up as fabulous, eye-catching tablecloths.  


Lots of love,

Tree Fam

Cheers xx