How to align your energy with the moon

How to align your energy with the moon

Have you ever felt the moon's phases seem to influence the ebb and flow of our own emotions and energies? 

The moon is a beautifully powerful element from Mother Nature. There is an intrinsic connection between the lunar cycles and our inner landscapes, where the moon's influence can either stir chaos, or ignite a profound sense of possibility and strength.

Once we create rituals around these phases and learn how to harness these natural energies, the moon's magic will mirror our own inner transformations.

New Moon
A time for new beginnings, to set intentions and dream, plant those seeds with fresh energy.

Rituals for a New Moon:

  • Find a quiet moment to set your mindful intentions by writing them in a journal, to reflect upon. Journal prompt: What new beginnings am I ready to embrace?
  • Meditation is a calming and powerful tool to help you find clarity and centre yourself as you look ahead. Apps such as Insight Timer and Calm offer many beautiful mediations.
  • Light your favourite incense and pull a Tarot or Oracle card. These can help give you guidance and clarity in your manifestations.

Full Moon
A time of cleansing and illumination, letting go of what no longer serves you, completion.

Rituals for a Full Moon:

  • Pop those crystals on your windowsill or outside to soak in the cleansing energy of a full moon. Consider this a supercharge for them.
  • Let your body release any stagnant energy and built-up tensions through dancing. Whether under the moon or in your living room, move your body in a way that is intuitive and feels good.
  • Water and the tides are ruled by the moon, so lean into this time for cleansing and take a relaxing full moon bath – essential oils in the water will feel luxurious.