Going deeper into the Birth Chart

Going deeper into the Birth Chart

As we are aware, Birth Charts are a cobweb full of different elements that play a part of who we are. In this blog post, I will be discussing outer signs that rule us but aren't directly in our chart. 

You can calculate your birth chart here. You can adjust the settings to display these planets and asteroids. 

You will be shown what sign sits in what planet/asteroid and you can apply the information there. Example; Libra in Ceres means you seek balance in your motherhood and home life. Sagittarius in Vesta means you crave excitement and spontaneity in the household, you demonstrate a fiery spark of passion when it comes to interacting with family members.


Lilith is apparently known to be the first woman in the Garden of Eden, she was the first woman God had created. She was a woman full of beauty and was accepting of her sexuality. Lilith never wanted to be a slave.

Lilith illuminates your dark sexuality, where you’re not afraid to express and be vulnerable. Express Lilith in a positive way, if not careful she can be destructive. Call upon Lilith to spice up your life. She’s powerful.


Ceres is the Earth Mother in you, its about your home life, being comfortable in your own skin, healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Ceres is the largest known asteroid that resembles the Moon. It orbits the Planets, Mars and Jupiter. Ceres presents to you your relationship with the physical world and how you take care of yourself.


Vesta relates to our home and health. Its the sign that keeps our household alive. Vesta is the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, named after the Virgin Goddess of health and home. She holds our eternal flame.

This sign shows us how we interact with our home and our family. She is the joy we feel when we have accomplished our goals and dreams in life. She is our inner spark, the light that keeps shining even on the darkest of days. 


Juno shows us how to make our connections, where we seek balance and fairness. Juno is was the third discovered asteroid found between Plants Mars and Jupiter. It has qualities of Libra, Scorpio and Venus.

Juno is related to marriage and strong relationships. Juno was the Roman Goddess who would watch over Women.


Pallas is the warrior in you that defends wisdom, fairness and creativity. It has the qualities that make you fight for justice. Pallas gives us a spark of courage and strength.

Pallas is the second asteroid discovered after Ceres. Pallas affects our knowledge, talents and intelligence. It also highlights our creative qualities, what we look for in our art, music, poetry; any creative endeavour.


Chiron relates to our deepest wounds and how to heal them. Chiron is named after a healer and teacher in Greek Mythology. Chiron in the chart shows us where we have healing powers and a deep spiritual connection. We are shown how to face our wounds head-on and acknowledge them, then heal them. It helps us understand where we need to heal and how we heal.


We hope you found this blog post insightful and shines a light on areas you never thought to look at.