April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes

Who we are; how we express, act and embody our truths in the world. These are some of the flavours to flow through April — accompanied by a Mercury retrograde, and one of the most important planetary meetings of the year…

Hello, April. The Astro forecast for the month feels pretty epic, to say the least. While we have the ever-dreaded Mercury Retrograde from April 2nd – 25th (it’s here to help, I promise!); we’ll also experience one of the most auspicious conjunctions of the year. On April 20th, Jupiter (our planet of expansion and destiny) meets Uranus (planet of plot twists and innovation) — evoking a portal that only ever unfolds approximately every 14 years.

This month, new opportunities are emerging; destinies are coming into alignment, and long-term visions into fruition. Manifesting and moving forward through the world is going to start feeling more effortless — especially if your heart’s in it. And if that’s not yet the case, no need to worry! Mercury’s Retrograde and our Scorpio Full Moon are here to illuminate exactly what your deepest desires really are. Continue reading on for your sign-specific monthly horoscope. We recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Rising signs!


Themes: Discerning your desires, career levelling up, personal embodiment.

Lovely Aries, April will feel like a major turning point. We’re still celebrating Aries Season, while at the same time, our Mercury retrograde (April 2nd – 25th) takes place in your sign. Activating your sector of willpower, self, and desire — you’ll be downloading insights, more clearly than ever, on what exactly it is that you want out out life. The process might feel a tad frustrating (as ever with retrogrades), but allow it to flow! How are you meant to know what you do want... if you haven’t first experienced what you don’t want?

The annual Aries New Moon takes place on April 2nd, meeting with Mercury. Here, you’re invited to embody healthy communication, however that manifests for you. Your planetary ruler (Mars) meets Saturn on April 11th, evoking the perfect opportunity to level up your career in some way. Whether that means stepping into a leadership role, initiating a job search, or simply becoming more engaged with your current work; know that you’re cosmically supported in finding enjoyment within all spheres of your life. Taurus season begins on April 19th, right before a major Uranus-Jupiter meeting on April 21st. Get ready for plot twists, and pleasant surprises! On April 24th, a Scorpio Full Moon will reveal any areas of your life that feel stagnant. It’ll be a powerful time for releasing old patterns, particularly with Mercury stationing Direct in your sign the next day. You’re officially embodying your power, truth, and desires in new ways, Aries. The sky really is the limit.

Themes: Loving your body, connecting with nature, boundary setting, celebration.

Dear Taurus, April is a month for honouring yourself, with a capital Y. Mercury goes Retrograde on April 2nd, inviting you to reconnect with your physicality. Perhaps that means adopting a new daily yoga practice, or transforming your inner dialogue. Do you tend to negatively judge your body? Or do you love and embrace all parts? This journey will come full circle around April 25th, as Mercury stations direct. But first, Venus (your planetary ruler) meets Neptune on April 4th; a mini-portal that will feel inspirational, and creative.

The Aries New Moon (April 9th) initiates an opportunity to slow life down; and to reconnect with the beauty, rhythms and cycles of nature of which you’re so intimately connected. As a Taurus, this is part of your sign’s unique medicine. Embrace it. Speaking of which, a glorious Taurus season arrives on April 19th — and two days later, one of the most epic planetary meetings of the decade (in your sign!). As Jupiter meets Uranus, get ready for life-changing paradigm shifts, and a deepening of your personal hero’s journey. This will be a powerful time for journal reflections, and dreaming big. The Scorpio Full Moon (April 24th) highlights your relationships; their gifts, as well as areas which need healing. Use the window to be honest (with yourself and others), and set healthy boundaries which honour your needs. You deserve this and more!

Themes: Clarity, soul tribe, support and community, making space for the new.

Lovely Gemini, April’s here to bring you clarity, support and restoration. Mercury goes retrograde on April 2nd — but before you get concerned— know that this Astro transit tends to reveal helpful truths. Should you think twice about signing contracts? Perhaps! Yet, activating your sector of community and belonging, this retrograde more significantly invites you on a journey of remembrance regarding the ways in which you’re valued, supported, and connected to those around you.

On April 9th the Aries New Moon meets Mercury (your planetary ruler). Here, it’ll be worth reflecting on the ways that you personally bring a difference to your community – whatever that means to you. Reminder: you have full permission to step into your role as a changemake. From an insta caption to a loving conversation, know that you can make a difference out there! As the sign of communication, sharing your personal experiences will be more of a gift to others than you can possibly imagine. Uranus meets Jupiter in Taurus on April 21st, opening up a mini portal of intuitive understanding. Pay attention to any epiphanies, downloads or bursts of inspiration that come through. Our Scorpio Full Moon takes place on April 24th. This time will feel potent and scrutinising, as you’re given abilities to “see” more clearly than ever. If you feel any desire to release unwanted aspects of your life; do so knowing that you’re supported by the universe, always.

Themes: co-creating with the cosmos, self-trust, owning your truth.

Dear Cancer, ready, set, go. April will be a game changer for you. Mercury stations Retrograde on April 2nd through Aries, illuminating your sector of career, and physical manifestation. You're officially on a journey; deepening your understanding of both the ways in which you create your visions, as well as of your abilities to shift current circumstances in alignment with your desires. This deeply empowering story arc will come full circle around April 25th, as Mercury goes direct.

On April 5th Venus shifts into Aries, evoking a sense of motivation, inspiration, or simply the desire to get things moving. Lean into it, and trust that while there are always periods for more rest, the same can be said for periods of more action. On April 9th, the Aries New Moon meets Mercury, inviting you to shoot your shot; to go for (or create your own!) opportunities. There's a reminder here to trust in your voice, both inner and outer. You have such a unique perspective — the world’s ready and waiting to hear it Cancer. The Scorpio Full Moon unfolds on April 24th, evoking deeply clarifying vibes and activating your sector of self-expression. Here, you're encouraged to step into your truth, and its boldest expression. Notice where you hold back, or play it small and ask yourself why. Mercury stationing direct the next day is your cosmic reminder; you're ready to soar.

Themes: Overcoming fears of failure, new levels of abundance, emotional healing.

Dearest Leo, April will feel like that part of the movie where the main character has their epiphany and everything begins to change. You’re ready! But first… Mercury Retrograde (April 2nd) activates your sector of life purpose and higher meaning. This transit invites you reflect on what exactly that purpose is... and where there are questions, there are answers. Witness this journey with patience and curiosity, knowing you'll receive clarity around April 25th (as Mercury stations direct), and the weeks following (where it wraps up its post-shadow phase).

On April 9th, the Aries New Moon offers an opportunity for dreaming of new visions, and mapping out first steps. What would you do, if you were certain that you wouldn't fail? Start there. On April 21st the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction activates your sector of abundance, wealth and beauty. Here, you're invited to lean into a sense of gratitude. Reminder: “wealth” does not have to imply piles of gold. It can rather (more often) be the spaciousness of your day, those intimate moments, and simple pleasures. Tapping into a gratitude mindset will create the resonance for more of the same to flow through. On April 24th, the Scorpio Full Moon powerfully activates your sector of emotional healing. You’ll likely feel more sensitive; so give yourself the grace and space for that. Netflix, yummy food and a cosy night in, all sound perfect to me!

Themes: Subconscious desires, conscious relationships, new passions.

Dear Virgo, for you, April will feel mysterious, but equally full of potential. Mercury (your planetary ruler) goes retrograde on April 2nd, illuminating your sector of your chart associated with the subconscious and shadow work. The next four weeks (Mercury stations direct on April 25th) will be a powerful window for learning more about yourself, your inner world, and your true motivations. This will feel particularly relevant up to and around April 9th, where we have a New Moon in Aries, conjoining Mercury retrograde. If possible, carve out space for reflection and introspection. What are your top three goals for the next six months? Tip: Physically writing out your visions can work wonders in terms of manifestation. Mars meets Saturn on 11th April, encouraging you to form new (or deepen existing) relationships, specifically those which uplift and inspire you towards your highest timelines. Who do you effortlessly tend to draw motivation from?

The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on April 24th. Because it squares Scorpio’s ruler (Pluto), it’ll feel particularly intense and alchemical. Activating your sector of learning — the deeply passionate energy of Scorpio encourages you to pick up something new. Whether that’s a book, a new hobby, or online class – think: something that flames your curiosities, and ignites your soul.

Themes: Balance, reciprocity, relationships, honouring nature and rest.

Lovely Libra, for you April brings themes of finding balance. Mercury retrograde begins on April 2nd, which for you initiates an audit – if you will, into areas of ‘giving and receiving’ in your life. Over the next month (Mercury goes direct on April 25th), you’ll be noticing where the scales are tipped one way or the other… and it’s up to you to bring them back into alignment. Reminder: when your cup is full; extending care, love and compassion others will feel both effortless and natural. That’s the goal!

On April 5th, your planetary ruler (Venus) enters Aries, bringing forth some of the fiery energy of our upcoming New Moon in Aries (April 9th). For you, this is one to celebrate the relationships in your life, both with others and yourself. This is a time to consciously shift energy out of your head, and into your heart; get spontaneous, and have fun. Our Scorpio Full Moon takes place on April 24th, evoking cosmic currents which will feel particularly heightened. If those around you seem a little dissociative or off, try not to take it personally. Besides, Mercury goes direct the next day, bringing waves of newness, clarity and peace. We wrap up April with Venus entering its other home planet, Taurus, on April 29th. Nature, rest, and honouring your body’s wisdom, will be the go here. Sink into that, and enjoy.

Themes: Your power, receiving inspiration, inner mysteries, catharsis.

Dear Scorpio, with the month’s Full Moon in your magical sign, April will feel both potent and empowering. Our ever-notorious Mercury retrograde begins on April 2nd, but as a Scorpio (whose sign is all about bringing the light to darkness), this will feel like a breeze. As it activates your sector of lifestyle and wellbeing — over the next four weeks (Mercury stations direct on April 25th), you’ll start receiving downloads as to what’s working, and what’s not. From there, you’ll only feel more informed and equipped to make the wisest choices.

Taurus season arrives early this year (April 19th), and a few days later we have an important planetary meeting between Uranus and Jupiter (April 21st). Activating your sector of relationships, partnership and love, get ready for positive plot twists, and unexpected opportunities. If you’ve been considering dating again, perhaps now’s the time. If you’re already involved, why not rekindle passions with a date night? Equally valid: take yourself out for some TLC and self-loving. One of the most powerful full moons of the year, the Full Moon in your sign, takes place on April 24th. Harshly squaring your planetary ruler (Pluto), this is going to feel transformative to say the least. If possible, carve out some solitude, and get ready for: synchronicities, epiphanies, catharsis, and full circle healing moments. Embrace all parts of the process. As ever; you’re transforming Scorpio, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Themes: Play and excitement, creative gifts, synchronicity, intuitive messages.

Dear Sagittarius, for you, April brings a sense of excitement, lightness, and play. Mercury goes retrograde on April 2nd-April 25th, through Aries. This illuminative transit activates your sector of self-expression — revealing any fears, blocks, or barriers (inner or outer) that you might carry relative to being your authentic self. The world is ready for you in all of your shiny (and unique) glory Sagittarius. Be yourself, and trust that even if someone does have a problem with it, there’ll always be those who love you for exactly who you are.

This will feel particularly relevant around our fiery Aries New Moon (April 9th), which conjoins Mercury Retrograde. If you’ve been considering putting yourself out there in some way… now could be the perfect time. On April 21st, we have one the most auspicious Astro portals of the year, involving a meeting between Uranus and your planetary ruler, Jupiter. Treat this day as a celebration, and notice any synchronicities, magic or downloads that come through. If you’ve been experiencing a recurring challenge, you may just start to receive solutions around now. Reminder: the universe is always speaking to you, if you listen closely. Speaking of which, the Scorpio Full Moon (April 24th) activates your sector of spiritual connection. This will be a powerful time to journal and/or tune into your intuition; to ask for guidance — trusting that answers will always arrive, in divine timing.

Themes: Restoration, creating space for emotions, checking in, receiving support.

Dear Capricorn, April has got your back. Get ready for what may be one of your most rejuvenating and nourishing months of the year. First, Mercury retrograde begins on April 2nd, activating your sector of emotional healing, and inviting you into a space of deep rest. You’re encouraged to prioritise your mental health perhaps more than ever before; to tune into your inner world and respond to its needs. Processing and integrating emotions can take both time and conscious intention, so here’s your reminder not to leave it as an afterthought. Spending time with (and on) yourself, before attending to your social calendar might just be the go for April!

You’ll feel a heightened self-focus increasing up to and around the Aries New Moon (April 9th), where we’re collectively called to connect with our individual journeys. This presents the perfect opportunity for a mid-year check-in. How’s life going? What’s working? What’s not? The Scorpio Full Moon on April 24th will feel even more illuminating, activating the area of your chart associated with community and networking. If you’ve been feeling “stuck,” consider scheduling a catchup with someone who mentors, supports, or inspires you. Perhaps that means a therapist, a good friend, or your manager. As incredible and independent as you are - you don’t have to do it all alone.

Themes: Re-learning, broadening perspectives, surprises, creating visions.

Lovely Aquarius, April will feel fresh, new and inspiring. Mercury retrograde begins on April 2nd (and runs through to April 25th), in the sign of Aries. Activating your sector of innovation, you’re going to find yourself meeting beings, opportunities and experiences, which all expand your perspectives. This might mean reassessing ideas that you once felt pretty solid on, or diving into areas which feel totally new. Trust the process, and know that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

The Sun shifts into Taurus on April 19th, and a few days later, Uranus conjoins Jupiter there. This planetary meeting is one of the most expansive of the decade, and because of Uranus’ purely unpredictable nature, there’s really no telling how that will manifest for each of us. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised; to leap and embrace any opportunities (within reason) that flow through. Spontaneity and buoyancy will be your friends! The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on April 24th, and whilst any Scorpio Full Moon is generally intense, this one harshly squares Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. Scorpio energy often pushes us to act, grow and evolve through discomfort — and that’s okay. Know that any triggers that arise are here to show you something about yourself. Activating your sector of physical manifestation, you’re also encouraged here to get pragmatic and proactive about building that dream life you so deserve.

Themes: Honouring simplicity and stillness, communication overload, purpose.

Dear Pisces, April will be that breath of fresh air the doctor ordered. Mercury retrograde runs April 2nd-April 25th, activating your sector of nature and the body. You’re being invited to notice the ways that you can slow life down, reconnect with the simple, and find a sense of inner stillness again. This might mean setting boundaries for yourself when it comes to your phone use, keeping curtains open in order to wake with sunrise, or simply staying more hydrated. The world can be a noisy and chaotic place — which is gorgeous at times — yet as a highly empathic sign, it’s important to set your own pace and tone of experience. This will feel particularly resonant around and up to the Aries

New Moon (April 9th), which conjoins Mercury retrograde. But first, Venus (planet of love, art and beauty) meets your planetary ruler (Neptune) on April 4th, activating a mini portal of creativity and inspiration. Write poetry, watch a film you love, or put that banger of a playlist on repeat. The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on April 24th, powerfully illuminating your sector of life purpose and personal journeying. Get ready for inspiration, desires, and motivation to flow through, as dots slowly (but surely) start connecting. You’re here for a divine and magical purpose Pisces. Your task is simply to trust that fact, and follow your heart there.



Words by @endsinsolace