A beginners guide to crystal healing

A beginners guide to crystal healing

Used in many healing practices for centuries across different cultures, crystals withhold many energetic and metaphysical properties that assist with freeing blockages within one’s life and serve purpose in giving peace of mind. Dating back to the Ancient Sumerians (400 B.C), a variety of common crystals were used throughout their magic formulas. Precious stones such as, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Emerald to name a few, were of the most regularly sourced and worn through the creation of jewellery for protection, health and prosperity. With no two crystal the same, each stone conceals within: enchanting and spiritual properties.


When it comes to finding the perfect crystal for yourself, take the time to research what it is you are after exactly. Either through online resources or by tapping deep into your conscious self, what do you feel like you need? Are you missing something? Perhaps, you feel as though you need protection or some assistance in learning to self-love?

Once you have discovered the missing piece and are ready to begin choosing, take the time to appreciate the stones true beauty and uniqueness. You want to feel as though this crystal is meant for you! If one so happens to stand out in comparison to others, this is also a great signal to look for in ensuring the one you find is match well made.


As for the cleansing process, taking care of your crystals comes with instructions. The more the crystal has been used and held throughout the healing process, the more energy it collects over time. To cleanse your crystals and recharge them back to their original state, please see the below guide for ways in doing so:

1. Under a full moon, position your crystals out upon a flat surface under direct moonlight.

2. Burial: returning the crystals back to their founded environment over day/night amongst mama earths enriched soils and minerals.

3. Saltwater cleansing: Washing them amongst oceans waters and letting the energy of the water wash away the used energy.


Amethyst: One of the most commonly founded and sourced crystals, this precious stone is extremely affective in enhancing one’s intuition and encouraging a state of tranquillity and stability. Its colours range from anything in between deep purples and luminous shades of violet. Said to cure headaches and hangovers, I’m sure we could all find a way to interpret this fascinating stone into our lives. Typically wearing this stone in ring form on your right hand/middle finger works best.


Rose Quartz: Another commonly sourced stone, yet one of the most effective, Rose Quartz is a promoter of self-love. Healing all aspects of love, this crystal is used for balancing and attraction. Reflecting light shades of iridescent pinks, it is best worn as a necklace near the heart or as a bracelet on the right side of your wrist.


Tigers Eye: Typically found in large deposits across the globe, this stone is one of the most unique and mesmerising looking minerals. It's holographic and silk looking surface promotes courage and strength.

Effective in the protection of oneself or a close loved one, Tigers Eye calms the mind and relieves stress from all aspects of life. It is best to wear this stone as a bracelet on the left side of your wrist or as a pendant.


With every crystal comes purpose and intention. Use them as regularly as you need to and ensure you take care of them during the process. If you happen to misplace a crystal or leave it behind somewhere, take this as a sign in that the crystal was no longer needed or had fulfilled its reason for being chosen initially. Like a map, the crystal will guide you and do what is best for you!


Wishing you all the best on your crystal journey and I hope this guide came of use to you at a time you needed it most.