Our Makers

Our Haveli Collection is sourced from suppliers we are proud to have been working with for over 30 years. With them, we create beautiful airy cotton Indian garments, artisanal handblock pieces as well as products made through a more modern silkscreen process. Our suppliers are a close-knit family that we have grown and evolved with over the years and genuine people that we are honored to call true friends.


They are passionate about supporting the handblock craftworkers (chippas) in an effort to sustain this ancient tradition. The art of block printing has been used to decorate fabric in India since the 12th century. It is unique as the design has first to be created by the artist, then carved on to a wooden block by hand (originally a potato was used for this purpose!). Most of the work is done by families at home or in small workshops. The craft is family based passing down through the generations. It is a hands on, everybody in, teamwork atmosphere.

The blocks are dipped in dyes and then stamped on the fabric to create beautiful patterns. The craftsman may use up to 30 blocks to complete a design. The chippas are proud of their heritage and their culture. They want their craft to continue and flourish.  

Tree of Life source our block print fabrics from Bagru and Sanganer in Rajasthan – famous for this craft. These village artists are very eco-friendly often using river clay and vegetable dyes from pomegranates, turmeric and other root vegetables. To visit their craft homes is to enter a world of energy, focus, contentment, pride and natural beauty – a great rarity in the modern world.

Enjoy their creations!

Love and Peace,

Tree of Life Family