Wanderer Festival

Wanderer Festival

Forever enamoured by the freedom of self expression and soulful dancing, we travelled down to the beautiful Sapphire Coast for the first ever Wanderer Festival! ✨

 Our outfits and accessories hung and ready as soon as we arrived ~ featuring our 70's inspired collection, Free Wheelin'. 

Because whats better than a pre festival boogie with your besties? 🧚‍♀️

From the celebration of music, arts & crafts to vintage shopping and every tasty food truck to imaginable ~ it truly was a weekend for all generations of festival goers.

We spotted some of YOU beautiful style queens rocking your Tree festival fits 🧡Happy crowds gathered each day at Wanderer ~ crowds turned to masses as dusk settled in and the energetic nights of boogying and singing along created the most carefree atmosphere that we all adore so much🌟We loved seeing you all get into the spirit of festival again ~ heres to one we will never forget. See you next time Wanderer Fest!P.s - we have TikTok! Follow us here to see what else we get up to!