Tranquil Tides with Chelsey Rouen 🌿

Tranquil Tides with Chelsey Rouen 🌿
Nestled in the serene embrace of Bali, @chelseyrouen and her precious little one shared moments of pure joy, showcasing our Spring Fling collection in the most heartwarming light.
Join us on a journey as we follow Chelsey's heartfelt recount of Bali and unveil her enchanting captures. 
"The more you listen to and follow the callings in life, the more you can grow and flourish. That is what I did with this incredibly nourishing three-week trip to Bali I recently enjoyed with my daughter Cecilia, just her and I, as we begin the chapter of it being just us two."
"It was mostly excitement felt for our travels, although I can’t say I wasn’t sometimes met with fear. The “what am I doing travelling solo with my dependant one-year-old” was there but I knew with my whole heart these lands were calling, so I felt all the fear until it passed through my body and was met with a sense of trust and safety by the time we arrived."

"This trip wasn’t about visiting all the places…rather being slow and easeful, enjoying the gardens and pools, the food, being deeply present and following my daughters lead as much as possible  away from the chores and stressors of everyday life. In many ways it really was the ideal initiation into single parenthood filled with so many joyous moments whispering to me that this is our path and for the foreseeable, it is perfect!

I also wish to share how it certainly wasn’t all rainbows, as with parenthood and especially solo parenting there are always challenges, but the moments of bliss and laughter always outweighed those times."
"As for travelling with a little one in Bali, the only place we didn’t really settle (and had to move away from) was Ubud centre. It has become so hectic and peace was found out in the rice paddies, where we spent most of the first two weeks. So long as there was a lovely garden and pool with nourishing food close by, we were generally pretty content!"