Loving yourself is the medicine💕

Loving yourself is the medicine💕

We connected with our Tree angel Mars, diving deep into a soulful talk on self love prompts and reminders this love season.

Loving yourself is the medicine.

We don’t need to be fully realised to be loved. 

We don’t need to be fully evolved, grown, or healed to be loved.

To show up in whatever stage we are in now with grace and compassion for ourselves is enough, and we will be loved. We are loved.


We are not selfish for having boundaries.

We are not boring for staying in or staying quiet.

We are not too outgoing, or too shy.

We are not ‘too emotional’ or ‘too sensitive’, it takes strength and courage to show up so vulnerably in the world.


We are not lesser than anyone for diving deep and unconditioning.

Going through the subsequent waves of vibrating high and low.

Feeling the full depths of our emotional self.

We do the work so we can love ourselves better, understand our needs more innately, and care for others from a place of abundance rather than self-sacrifice.

We are showing up, and each day that may look completely different; with every new feeling, memory, wrinkle and mark being a reminder to be extra kind as we try to step more and more into a loving relationship with ourselves.

The way you love and treat yourself is how you are teaching others to love and treat you. Make sure it’s the best dang love there is.

Here are some journal prompts to delve deeper into your own self-love:


Before we get into these, place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and let yourself settle into the space. If you find it difficult to speak kindly of yourself, I invite you to speak to yourself as you would a friend (oh how easy it is to see the beauty in others – you deserve that love too). Pushing past the discomfort is hard, but not experiencing your own beauty is harder, I promise seeing the good gets easier with practise. So, breathe in, breathe out, let’s get into it…

 Let’s start off simple.

· List three things you love about yourself.

Getting a bit more vulnerable.

· List something you find difficult to love about yourself. Then express gratitude to that part of you. Reframe that energy. Welcome more love in.

For example; if your legs are an insecurity, remind yourself of all that they do. They hold you up, allow you to move around the world, run, jump, explore! So what if they’re a little shorter, longer, bigger, smaller, than you would prefer. The fact they allow you to do all of this is an absolute blessing!


Unconditioning... Is this really what you think of yourself?

· So often we take what others have said to us and we claim it as our own. But which of these is actually what we believe to be true? It’s time we break free from labels, allow yourself to be a blank canvas, giving yourself a fresh opportunity to show up everyday. You can use the table below to guide you



May these journal prompts help you delve deeper into a kind and loving relationship with yourself.


And in the meantime here are a few reminders for you:

 · The people in your life love you for who you are now, not who you are dreaming to be.

· Shame needs secrecy to be felt. Being real and open about how you feel makes your load so much lighter, connects you more deeply and fully with those around you and it dissipates the exhausting mask of trying to portray something other than how you’re truly feeling.

· You don’t need to be ‘perfect’ at everything, or anything for that matter!

· You are enough. In every way!

Big Love, Amarah xx

Words by: @amarahradford / @madebymars__

Imagery by: @imagerybysophie