Our tips for Plastic Free July

Our tips for Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a worldwide commitment we make to our Mother Earth, to reduce our consumption on plastics.

We have collectively made a big move as of lately with the phenomenal keep cups, metal straws and of course the many big brand food markets removing the use of single-use plastic bags as well as many more! 

We acknowledge how far we come and how much further we need to go with keeping our Mother Earth clear of harmful plastics.

Here is some tips to reduce your use of plastic:

  1. Use a reusable non-plastic bag. These can come in many forms, our favourite is totes bags you can buy at your favourite stores. An example is our Sari bags. 
  2. Say no to plastic cutlery! There are many small businesses out there who can provide you affordable, reusable utensils for this sole purpose. If you're out and about, keep your reusable utensils in a little bad, and once finished with them, run them under hot water to clear of the bacteria and germs then slide them back in your bag!
  3. When you're going out for dinner, take a container from home in case you don't finish all your food, the staff can put the leftovers into your container.

There are many ways you can slowly reduce your consumption of harmful plastics. Here at Tree, we thought we would tell you the small ways we stop using plastic!

We hope this post has helped inspire you on ways to reduce plastic!

What are your favourite tips for going plastic free? Get in touch with us VIA Instagram