May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes

Grounding, and growing. With Taurus Season and Pluto Retrograde gently beckoning us all into a future beyond fear — May will be equal parts transformative, and restful. This month’s cosmic vibes will heighten the simple pleasures of life, made even sweeter by a Venus-Jupiter meeting that unfolds only once each year

We’ve officially arrived at May, and if you’re ready for a restorative month, I have good news for you. After the alchemical month we’ve all just traversed, May will feel like a breath of fresh air. Sure, we have Pluto Retrograde heightening collective chaos (think global events which bring gnarly undercurrents to light) ... but as well as providing society the opportunity to grow and evolve; this retrograde also importantly invites you to connect with yourself more deeply than ever. ‘Self’ will be a major theme of May, which for the most part, is flavoured by Taurus Season.

Venus-ruled this sign’s medicine is about simplicity, beauty, the rhythms of nature, and honouring the body. This is a month to ground, reset, and rediscover what truly matters to you. Enjoy. Continue reading for your sign-specific monthly horoscope. We recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Rising signs.

Themes: New levels of intentionality, honouring and accepting your body, adventure.

Dear Aries, after your celebratory solar season — May offers you a chance to pause, reflect, and choose your steps forward with more intention than ever. Your sector of physical healing is being activated, making it the perfect month to focus on loving your body, however that applies to you. Perhaps it’s time to commit to daily yoga, a skin routine, or to simply begin communicating with yourself more lovingly. Reminder: your body is the sacred vessel that carries you through life, it knows more about you than anyone, and loves you infinitely. All parts of you are beautiful. The Taurus New Moon takes place on May 8th, further emphasising this physical healing theme. Tune into your body to ask what it needs (rest, hydration, movement?). Its intuitive wisdom will know the answer. New Moons are always portals for planting new seeds of intention, so be extra mindful about the thoughts, words, and actions you’re initiating around this time; as they’ll set the tone for your month ahead.

On May 23rd the Sagittarius Full Moon magically unfolds on the same day that Sag’s planetary ruler (Jupiter) meets Venus. This marks one of the most auspicious Full Moons of the year. Illuminating your sector of adventure and travel, around this time you’ll want to honour your need for spontaneity, movement, and perhaps most importantly: fun!

Themes: Taking the next step, trusting instinct, magic, surprises and new perspectives.

Look out world, it’s Taurus season! On the cusp of your solar return, the next four weeks invite you to step into your power, and a deeper sense of embodiment than ever before. If you’ve been procrastinating or sitting with indecision — it may be time to simply choose and take action, whatever your ‘next step’ entails. Book that trip, start a job search, bring up that conversation. You’re encouraged to honour your instincts and intuition, without allowing self-doubt to take the wheel. Befriend it, and keep going! With the Sun, Jupiter and Venus all in your sign — you’re going to feel a distinctive sense of inner calm through the majority of May.

On May 1st, Mars enters its home sign of Aries, illuminating your sector of spiritual connection. In other words, get ready for life to get a little trippy. If there were ever a time to meditate or dive into all things spiritual and esoteric, it would be now. The New Moon unfolds in your sign on May 8th, where it meets with Uranus. Get ready for plot twists and shifts in abundance. You never know how Uranus transits will go, but staying firmly oriented on the silver lining is a good place to start. On May 23rd the Sagittarius Full Moon activates your sector of inner transformation. Perfect timing, as the next day (May 24th), your planetary ruler (Venus) enters the multifaceted sign of Gemini. This transit nudges you to broaden your horizons, and to actively see things from outside-the-box…

Themes: Self-reflection, slowing down, spirituality, connection and relationships.

Dear Gemini, for you May is about magic, relationships and re-alignment. The month will be full of synchronicities (if you pay attention!), and glimpses into the unseen threads which connect and support your journey here. We have a powerful Taurus New Moon on May 8th. Evoking a natural slowing down and return to the body, Taurus Moons tends to highlight the simple (yet profound) aspects of life. Because this moon activates your sector of spiritual connection, this four-week lunar cycle will likely catalyse a personal reassessment of what you truly value. Themes of adjusting and re-aligning values will continue as your planetary ruler (Mercury) enters Taurus on May 16th. You’ll notice a shift in your conversations, as they take on a distinctively more deep and grounded flavour. There’s also an invitation here to boldly speak your truth. Perhaps it’s time to lovingly release any fears you carry around standing out. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful!

Following our official entrance into Gemini season (May 20th!), The Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd activates your relationship sector, the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd activates your relationship sector, which will feel like a heart-activation and/or burst of confidence. Perfect timing as the next day (May 24th), Venus (planet of love and relationships) enters your sign. This offers you a window to either deepen an existing relationship (including with yourself), or open your heart towards the idea of a new one! Reminder: the universe supports you in finding love, intimacy and connection.

Themes: Discernment and self-loving choices, openness, releasing guilt, trust.

Lovely Cancer, May invites you to choose the most self-loving path. Think: what (and who) you’re surrounding yourself with, as well as how you’re honouring your inner world. This month has the potential to heal and transform your life. Our Taurus New Moon unfolds on 8th May, illuminating your sector of community and networking. Around this time you may experience more like-minded introductions, sources of inspiration, and/or past acquaintances reaching out. Reminder: this Moon conjoins Uranus, inviting you into new ways of approaching life. When it comes to change, openness will be your friend right now.

More Taurus energy arises with Mercury entering the earth sign (May 16th), where you’ll notice an inclination to start asserting yourself more directly. Something to reflect on: if you released concerns about how you’re perceived, what thoughts and feelings might you share more freely? The Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd activates your sector of wellbeing and service. Here, there’s a specific message here for you regarding ‘guilt.’ Tune into your body to feel where it sits, and why. Maybe someone has actively blamed you for your past actions, or maybe it’s something you’ve put on yourself. Either way, you’re being reminded to trust everything has unfolded for a reason. Even if the bigger picture isn’t clear yet – awareness of its existence will become a path for self-forgiveness. You deserve that and more!

Themes: Empowerment, trusting your timeline, letting loose and having fun.

Lovely Leo, consider May as a checkpoint. It’s here that your path may take a significant turn in terms of abundance – but more specifically – in how you feel regarding your own abilities to manifest your dream life. A healthy dose of focus, trust and consistency will be key here… as well as remembrance that the universe supports you in achieving your best life. On May 8th we have a Taurus New Moon, activating your sector of career and manifestation. Here, far-off financial goals will suddenly seem totally doable, as you start receiving downloads of how you can pragmatically work towards them. It’s worth noting that this Moon conjoins Uranus (planet of plot twists), meaning surprise curve balls may come through. Remember, often the universe will first show you what you don’t want, for you to know what you do want. Don’t lose heart. As a highly intuitive sign, trust that you’ll know when the time is right.

On May 16th, Venus enters airy Gemini. Activating your sector of community, this transit will have you feeling more collaborative than usual. Perhaps it’s time to expand your work team, meet new like-minded souls, or join a class. Either way, you’re being encouraged to learn from those around you. The Sagittarius Full Moon unfolds on May 23rd, evoking a relaxed energy. Illuminating your sector of play and romance, here you’re encouraged to expand by having fun. Connect to your inner child’s sense of wonder. Stepping (or leaping) out of your comfort zone will be extra supported by the cosmos.

Themes: Observing patterns, your inner evolution, embracing nature, emotional space.

Dear Virgo, May offers you the chance to dive into your inner world, before getting creative in your outer world. Embodying patience and kindness towards yourself will be key here, as Pluto retrograde reveals some of your deepest fears and limiting beliefs. Kicking off on May 3rd (until October), Pluto Rx opens a potent window to objectively observe your patterns and daily habits. What’s working, and what’s not? Where (if at all) are you attached to dysfunction, and why? Trust the process of inquiry, and give yourself grace. You’re forever growing and evolving... and that’s a beautiful thing.

The Taurus New Moon takes place on May 8th, bringing you waves of adventure. This will be a beautiful time to digitally disconnect and visit nature. In meeting Uranus, this Moon also encourages you to get spontaneous. Why not surprise yourself? On May 23rd a hopeful and passionate Full Moon takes place in Sagittarius, illuminating your sector of emotional healing. Here’s the perfect opportunity for solitude and a check-in. Journaling or using a tarot deck will be powerful at this time. More playful times arise with Venus moving into Gemini (May 24th), then Jupiter just two days later (May 26th). These transits mark a shift in your focus from inward to more outward. It’s go time! Time to start building, taking those next steps, and/or shooting your shot. The world is ready and waiting lovely Virgo.

Themes: Emotional release and healing, self-expression, playfulness.

Dear Libra, you’re going to have a magical May. Soul alchemy, healing and adventure all on the cards, with your sector of deep transformation being activated for the majority of the month. Get ready!

A supportive Taurus New Moon unfolds on May 8th, illuminating the area of your chart associated with transmutation, healing and shadow work. For this reason, it could be one of the most potent Full Moons of the year for you Libra — and one worth carving out space for. This will be a powerful time for journaling, reflecting and releasing any denser emotions which have been sitting with you for a while. If a good cry feels overdue, throw on a dramatic playlist and go for it. Reminder: to move emotions like grief is a powerful, alchemical process – and one you can honour. This too is a form of self-love! Gemini season officially begins on May 20th, then just three days later (May 23rd) we have our Sagittarius Full Moon... auspiciously unfolding while Jupiter meets Venus. Illuminating your sector of communication; you might be feeling extra chatty, expressive and/or flirty. This is also your cosmic invitation to lean into play and humour. When was the last time you laughed so hard your belly hurt Libra? Sagittarius energy reminds us all to take life (and ourselves) a little less seriously, to enjoy the ride, and have fun.

Themes: Relationship work, vulnerability, acknowledging your journey.

Dear Scorpio, with your planetary ruler stationing retrograde, May might feel intense… but in the best way. Your sector of relationships is being activated by Taurus season, making it the perfect month to lean into the love and support of those around you. Meanwhile, Pluto retrograde (May 3rd through to October) challenges your sphere of authenticity. You’re being invited to notice the places where you stay ‘small’ or quiet, simply for fear of judgement. Perhaps that’s ready to change.

The Taurus New Moon (May 8th), will highlight relationships for you again. This makes it the perfect time to bring more balance into your connections, and perhaps (where appropriate) to lower your guard. As a highly independent sign, vulnerability might feel a little cringe or unnatural, but allowing yourself to be seen in your heartfelt truth is often key to nurturing deeper relationships. This might mean telling someone you miss them, texting a sibling, or simply asking a friend to hang out. Mercury joins the Sun in Taurus on May 16th, further supporting the expression of your authentic self in relation to those around you. On May 23rd, a particularly magical Full Moon unfolds in Sagittarius. This will be a window for celebrating yourself in your totality; your ‘flaws,’ quirks, strength — and the journey you’ve traversed. Sag energy invites you to quieten down the inner critic; reminder that treating yourself with love will allow you to live your best life.

Themes: New wellness habits, inspiration and intuition, love and connection.

Dear Sagittarius, May will bring a sense of ease, balance, and inspiration. The choices you make here, are ones your future self will thank you for later! On May 8th a Taurus New Moon activates your sector of wellness, health, and routine; encouraging you to refine the elements that make up your day. Consider your life as a recipe… what ingredients could you add and subtract to achieve the perfect flavour? If there are any habits you’ve been trying to release… this will be the perfect time to cultivate self discipline and make it happen.

A glorious Sagittarius Full Moon takes place on May 23rd, which will feel like a burst of inspiration. Pay close attention to any intuitive downloads you receive around this time, as the stars really are lined up in your favour. Spontaneity will be your friend here, as you’re cosmically reminded that the possibilities are limitless. Venus enters in your opposite sign, Gemini on May 24th. With the planet of love and beauty activating your sector of relationships – love is officially in the air. There’s a reminder here, that you have full permission to balance your sense of self, with your desire to connect with others. You’ll have your own perfect sweet spot, and what that looks like is up to you!

Themes: Enjoying your own company, Venusian goodness, the big questions.

Dear Capricorn, the Sun will be dancing through your sector of play, celebration, and self expression for most of May… setting you up for what has the potential to be a glorious month.

Your mission is to fall in love with yourself again, and this kicks off with a Taurus New Moon (on May 8th), which invites you to enjoy your own company. Think all things: pleasure, celebration, and inner child energy. This could mean anything from a dinner with yourself and Netflix, to a spontaneous road trip. As with all things Taurus-infused; this will be a wonderful time to connect with nature, food, music, and the sweeter spheres of life. On May 23rd, we have a fiery Sagittarius Full Moon activating your sector of spirituality and higher meaning. Naturally, this will be a powerful time to check in with yourself; to reflect and ask yourself some of the bigger life questions. How connected do you feel to your soul truth, purpose and a sense of fulfilment? What’s asking to be brought to your attention? Let you your heart and intuition answer. And if they don’t, not to worry. Answers will begin trickling through, particularly with Venus entering Gemini the next day (May 24th), and Jupiter following on May 26th. Both transits activate your sector of service and purpose. It’ll be a powerful time to tune into the many ways you positively contribute to the world, and those around you. You are so loved, and so valued, lovely Capricorn.

Themes: Designing your days, the gifts of collaboration, sharing your story.

Dear Aquarius, for you May will feel fresh, new and exciting. With plenty of Venusian energy coming through, this will be a month to tap into your creativity at the same time as getting plenty of rest, and soothing your nervous system. Our New Moon takes place on May 8th in the sign of Taurus. This night (and days surrounding) will be a powerful time for manifestation; planting seeds, and taking first steps towards your visions. If it aligns, take some time to reflect on where you’re at. What would you like to see over the next six, and twelve months? This grounding Sun-Moon meeting reminds you that accessing a sense of spaciousness and beauty in everyday, is not just a luxury, but something you deserve to experience.

Venus auspiciously meets Jupiter on the same day of our Sagittarius Full Moon on May 24th. Activating your sector of collaboration, it’ll be a wonderful time to connect with like minds; with the beings who inspire and uplift you. Why not join a local Full Moon circle, or make one with a group of friends? Reminder: there’s always something to learn from everyone’s story. Equally valuable, is the act of sharing yours. With Jupiter entering Gemini on May 26th, the flavours of life will suddenly feel quite different. Opportunities and synchronicities will start coming through via chance encounters, conversations, and words. It’ll be a powerful time to amplify and share your own voice, whatever that means for you.

Themes: Intense beauty, learning with intentionality, luck and abundance.

Dear Pisces, with Pluto stationing retrograde through your sector of spirituality and higher meaning, May is going to be filled with ethereal, inspiring and life-changing moments. At the same time, you’re supported by the Sun in Taurus, which brings heightened beauty to the most simple and mundane of moments. On May 8th, the Taurus New Moon illuminates the area of your chart associated with communication and learning. This will be a powerful time for those deep and meaningful conversations, Ted Talks, and documentaries. Let yourself be inspired; to start a new lunar cycle with a broadened perspective of life... and its infinite possibilities.

Gemini season begins on May 20th, before our Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd. This Full Moon is supportive, expansive and a great one for tapping into that sense of gratitude which magnetises more of the same. Be sure to look out for synchronicities and opportunities that come through, as — activating your sector of abundance — there’s a high chance you’ll be more present than ever. Pisces, as a deeply empathic sign, you’ll likely feel the huge shift that comes through with Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini on May 26th. Jupiter’s transits tend to flavour society as a whole, and in a brand new sign there’ll arise a collective sense of optimism and hope. Reminder: even if the world can feel heavy at times, we are (hiccups and all) evolving and growing into a more sparkly and heart-led future.


Words by @endsinsolace