July Horoscopes

July Horoscopes

Intimacy between self and other, plus unexpected turns, all with a side of play. Between Neptune retrograde, and Mars-Uranus dance tossing all we know up into the air; July is sure to feel packed full. We’ll follow the Sun, traversing through the emotional depths of Cancer Season, to arrive at the celebratory month of Leo. Think chrysalis-butterfly vibes; and get ready to cry, laugh, or just feel (deeply) the magic of what it means to be human.

And just like that, we’ve arrived at July. This month feels emotional; full of highs and — rather than lows, I’m going to say — moments which bring us closer to ourselves. Cancer season tends to intensify life in all its facets. Love becomes more palpable, as does our innate softness. If there were two months in the year to celebrate oneself, I would nominate July and August. This unfolds in completely different ways too. Cancer season steers us towards the depths of our inner realms; the parts and places that we can only ever venture into by ourselves — our secret worlds. This watery chapter reminds us how to love ourselves deeply, so that by the time Leo Season arrives (July 22nd this year), we can naturally allow ourselves to outwardly radiate this state. Here, our wholeness, light, and warmth can inspire and heal those around us.

The month’s Capricorn Full Moon gorgeously trines Neptune, and while the planet of imagination is retrograde, this cosmic signature serves as reminder that we’re capable of creating anything we can dream up, and so much more.

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Dear Aries, this month will feel like a massage for the soul. As July begins, Neptune stations retrograde through its own sign of Pisces, initiating a five-month period of introspection. For you, this specifically activates your sector of spirituality, inviting a deeper reflection and exploration of the unseen realms. Where, who, or what reminds you of the divinity and magic of life? Start there.

Our New Moon in Cancer unfolds on July 6th, forming supportive connections with both Saturn and Mars in Taurus. Illuminating your sector of home and emotional security, you may feel a little raw around this time. There’s a message here, to honour the softness, the darkness and the quiet spaces. Reminder: a pause can be just as transformative as movement.

As Mars (your ruling planet) enters Gemini on July 21st, you’re being invited to find that perfect sweet spot between your powerfully dynamic energy, and clear communication. On the same day, we have a Capricorn Full Moon connecting harmoniously with Uranus and Neptune. If there were ever a time for intentional manifestation, it would be now Aries. Anything involving Uranus tends to result in surprises; and as this moon activates your sector of career and long-term goals — it’ll be worth staying extra receptive to any opportunities that flow through.

Leo season begins on July 22nd, which for you will feel warm, hopeful, and familiar. Here’s your official invitation to stop playing small; to shine as brightly as you can and go after your dreams with full gusto.


Dear Taurus, July will be a month of rediscovering yourself, and your people. With Neptune retrograde activating your sector of community, you’re officially on a five-month journey of finding who, where and what you truly align with on a soul level. This specific retrograde can heighten sensitivity to environments which feel “off.” Pay attention to the signs, as well as your intuition. It’s one of your greatest gifts.

With Mercury entering Leo early in the month, you may also notice a deepened sense of boldness regarding the ways in which you articulate and share your truth.

On July 6th, the New Moon in Cancer will feel gentle and optimistic. This moon beautifully trines Saturn and sextiles Mars, providing the perfect mini portal to dream big and if you feel called to, begin mapping out some next steps. Activating your sector of communication, you’re being cosmically encouraged to ask for help, ideas or suggestions — and not just when you’ve hit a dead end. Reminder: you don’t have to figure it all out on your own!

Venus enters passionate Leo on July 12th, a transit which tends to make life feel that bit more sparkly. Whether this applies to your love life, or creativity; dive into the romanticism of it all. Express your artistry and feelings boldly. Lean into spoiling yourself, treat yourself like your own best friend again, and don’t overthink it. Connecting harmoniously with Uranus in your sign, the Capricorn Full Moon (July 21st) will bring surprises, and adventures. Get ready!


Dear Gemini, your long-term goals will be in focus this month, with Neptune stationing retrograde through your sector of career, ambition and physical manifestation. This is a powerful month for laying down the foundations of your dreams, whether that means taking first steps or simply letting yourself envision your desires in detail. Mercury’s entrance into Leo invites you to express your ideas, questions and truth more boldly than ever. What would you do differently, if you had no fear of failure? Start there!

On July 6th, the New Moon in Cancer invites you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, to soothe your nervous system, and relax deeply. This will be an amazing time for a digital detox if the option is available to you.

Besides, plot twists may arise on (or around) July 16th, with a Mars and Uranus meeting. Stay open and curious to what arises. This is not a period for overthinking or trying to predict outcomes!

Mars (our planet of action) enters your sign on July 21st, on the same day as our Full Moon in Capricorn. Activating your sector of transformation, you can consider this your official boost from the cosmos. This moon will be particularly powerful for releasing old patterns, circumstances or relationships that you’ve outgrown. If you’ve been trying to kick any habits, this could be your time! Leo Season (July 22nd) adds a burst of playfulness to the process, yet, maintaining consistency will feel more effortless than ever with Mercury entering Virgo just four days later.


Dear Cancer, as we traverse through your season for most of July, the month is filled with depth, beauty and nostalgia. You’re wrapping up one cycle, and beginning another. This is a time for release, and celebration; rest, and play. There’ll be added layers of magic with Neptune stationing retrograde (through its own sign of Pisces) on July 2nd, initiating a five-month period journey of inner exploration. This retrograde activates your sector of higher meaning and spirituality, inviting you to dive into the unseen realms, and widen (or dissolve) your perspectives. You’re looking at the big questions!

On July 6th, a powerful New Moon in your sign harmoniously connects with both Saturn and Mars — your official green light from the universe. This will be a powerful time to set intentions for your next twelve months, with your soul truth at the forefront. What are you ready to call in?

Venus enters fiery Leo on July 12th, inviting you to indulge in the finer things in life. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, and treat yourself to something special with zero guilt! You deserve that and more.

On July 21st our Full Moon in Capricorn activates your sector of relationships. This will be a beautiful time for celebration, play and connection. Reminder: laughter is medicine. Perfect timing as the next day we officially enter Leo Season! For you this is a time of actively shedding stress, and leaning into humour. What if this were all just a game?

Dear Leo, get ready for a magical month. With Mercury entering your sign, you’ll be feeling bolder than ever when it comes to you expressing yourself. Whether this arises as a subtle burst of confidence, or exhaustion from pretending to be anything other than what you are — enjoy the transformation! It’s your time to shine.

On July 6th, we have an auspicious New Moon in Cancer. This moon harmoniously connects with both Saturn and Mars in Taurus, providing a very earthy affirmation that passion paired with consistency will always pay off. Perhaps it’s time to pick the fruits of your labour, to plant seeds towards your desires, or to rest. You’ll know where you’re up to, and your heart will know what to do.

Venus enters your sign on July 12th, magnifying your magnetism and sense of joy. Enjoy the spotlight and let passion lead, in a chapter where working out all the fine details becomes (for a time) slightly less important. Rather, there may be some surprising changes coming up around July 16th, with a potent Mars-Uranus conjunction illuminating your sector of abundance!

On July 21st the Capricorn Full Moon invites you to reflect on your daily routines and wellbeing. If there were ever a sign to initiate and sustain change it would be Capricorn, so you can certainly use this energy to set some concrete goals.

Last but certainly not least... This year’s sparkly Leo season begins on July 22nd with the Sun entering your sign; marking your time to celebrate, and be celebrated in all your glory.


Dear Virgo, remember that idea; you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with? That will be one of your key themes for July, as Neptune stations retrograde and activates your sector of relationship. This is the perfect opportunity to intuitively reflect on who you’re spending the most time and energy on, and vice versa. Over the next 5 months (Neptune goes direct in December), you’ll experience shifting dynamics, new connections, and perhaps new love, however that may arise.

On July 6th, a supportive New Moon in Cancer harmoniously connects with Mars in Taurus, activating your sector of community. This is a wonderful time to deepen any intentions around your social life, and to strengthen bonds with those who support you. As such a naturally giving sign, here’s your reminder that it’s important to allow yourself to receive too.

Mars enters Gemini on July 21st, right before our Full Moon in Capricorn. As a fellow earth sign, Capricorn energy is grounded in pragmatism. Yet, with harmonious connections with Uranus and Neptune, cause this moon to take on a uniquely otherworldly quality. Activating your sector of creativity, this will be a wonderful time for leaning into your artistic talents and letting inspiration flow freely.

It'll feel as though the pieces are falling together on July 26th, as Mercury enters your sign. For the next few weeks note that your natural organisational skills may be in high demand!


Dear Libra, your question for a very Marie Kondo July is: does it spark joy? Neptune stations retrograde on July 2nd, inviting you to (for the next five months) reflect and refine the details of your life. That is, the many nuances that make up its totality. This could be anything from your health and wellness habits, regular hang spots, the people you see, the city you call home, and so on. Neptune goes direct in December, so until then you’ll be on a profound journey of adjusting your life to best serve you physically, mentally and spiritually. Reminder: remain open to periods of ‘not knowing,’ and trust that sometimes the universe wants it that way, so it can take the lead.

On July 6th, a particularly supportive Cancer New Moon auspiciously connects with Saturn and Mars, activating your sector of abundance. This will be an amazing time to reflect on and set new goals. What would you like to see come through in the next six, then twelve months?

Our second Capricorn Full Moon of the year falls on July 21st, and will serve as your official invitation into self-care. Reminder: Self-care here can always mean face masks and massages, but with all the Capricorn energy, it could just as easily mean sorting out your tax return or tidying up your office space. If that sounds dull, don’t worry. With Leo season coming through on July 22nd, more playful times are right around the corner!


Dear Scorpio, for you July’s bound to be a powerful month. With both Mercury and Venus in Leo, your sector of abundance is activated and boosted by a fiery sense of: anything is possible. That being said, we do have the matter of a five-month Neptune retrograde unfolding on July 2nd. This retrograde activates your sector of self-expression, inviting you to release fears, patterns or debilitating beliefs around putting yourself out there. Reminder: feeling disheartened after rejection, or criticism is totally normal — but for every person who doesn’t see your shine, there are plenty of others who do!

On July 6th, our sensitive New Moon in Cancer encourages you to pursue an interest or hobby that feels aligned at this time. From knitting to joining a sports team, what do you feel intrigued to learn right now?

Our Capricorn Full Moon unfolds on July 21st. Communication will be a big one here, so if there’s anything that’s been sitting on your chest, now may be the time for release. The universe is supporting you in having honest, transparent and vulnerable conversations.

Chiron, our wounded healer asteroid, will go retrograde towards the end of the month inviting you into a space of decluttering, refining and simplifying. This will be a five month journey to (if you so choose) bring healing and transformation to your life on physical, mentally and spiritual levels. This will be a wonderful time for journalling and intention setting, to revisit just how far you’ve come in six months.


Dear Sagittarius, for you July is about inspiring new ideas and distant horizons. With Mercury and Venus in Leo activating your sector of adventure and travel, this month is one for journeying — and whether that’s internally, or externally, it’s going to be epic.

On July 6th, our New Moon in Cancer powerfully illuminates your sector of deep transformation. This will be the perfect time to check in with yourself emotionally and to honour your feelings; whether that’s through journalling, therapy or simply spending some time in solitude to reflect. Because this moon harmoniously connects with both Saturn and Mars in Taurus, there’ll be a sense of underlying optimism and grounding here. All is well.

Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on July 12th, which for you will feel like a breath of fresh air. If life has felt a little glitchy, slow or mundane as of late, that may all begin to change. Speaking of change, on July 16th a Mars-Uranus conjunction is almost sure to bring unexpected changes and opportunities. Stay adaptable and open to innovative solutions, even if they come from unexpected places.

The Full Moon in Capricorn places your focus on health and your physical body. This will be the perfect opportunity for a long yoga session to deeply reconnect with your personal sacred vessel on earth. Eat yummy food, get plenty of rest, and enjoy the sensual nature of being a human on mother earth at this time.


Lovely Capricorn, love (in whatever shape or form!) is in in the air. With Venus and Mercury in Leo, highlighting your sector of intimacy, this will be a time for deepening those already magical connections. Whether this means your intimate partnership, or the friends and family who light up your life — July is a month for cherishing, celebrating and leaning into the ones you love.

You’ll feel this deeply on July 6th, where the New Moon in Cancer trines your planetary ruler (Saturn), activating your sector of relationships. As your opposite sign, Cancerian energy tends to heighten your emotional sensitivity, and this is a beautiful thing. Feel your feelings deeply, share, and if need be, cry it out. You’ll feel oh so much lighter afterwards!

A rare phenomena, we actually have two Full Moons in your sign this year Capricorn! After last month’s, the second takes place on July 21st, bringing potential full circle moments to any dilemmas you’ve had over the last four weeks. This Full Moon connects harmoniously with Uranus and Neptune, adding unexpected and surreal layers to this portal. Activating your sector of self-identity and transformation, it’s a potent time for recognising and celebrating your inner strength.

Leo season begins on July 22nd with the Sun entering Leo and activating your sector of shadow work and transformation. Here, you’re encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and (gently) face your fears. Whether that’s finally crossing skydiving off your bucket list, or simply attending a new community class, you’ve got this Capricorn!


Dear Aquarius, you’re officially on a healing journey. As July begins, Neptune stations retrograde, initiating a five-month chapter revolving around your health and body. However this applies to you; it’ll be a journey of deepening your self-love, the ways you communicate with and care for the sacred vessel which carries you through this life. By the end of this journey you’ll feel more grounded, in tune with your intuition and connected to Mother Earth. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with spending more time in nature, and simply asking your body what it needs.

On July 6th, a gentle and supportive New Moon in Cancer harmoniously connects with both Saturn (planet of challenges) and Mars (planet of action), activating your sector of wellbeing and daily routines. This is an ideal time for planting seeds of intention around your mental, physical and spiritual health; whether that’s more daily hydration, or a soothed nervous system. Write down your visions, and revisit them in six months!

With Venus entering passionate Leo, and consequently your sector of relationships (on July 12th), dating season is upon you. If it feels aligned… take yourself out on a date, reignite that spark of romance with your partner, or perhaps put yourself out there again! Heartfelt conversations and lighter company will feel particularly nurturing for the next four weeks.

On July 21st a magical Full Moon in Capricorn activates your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. Pull out the tarot cards, yoga mat, and singing bowl. Get mystical, trippy, and have fun!


Dear Pisces, you’re releasing, transforming, expanding. You have a major month ahead, as July kicks off with a Neptune retrograde through your sign. Activating your sector of self-identity, this five-month journey will initiate a solid period of introspection, and learning more about yourself than ever before. Given we’re dealing with the planet of dreams and illusion, how this will all unfold is to be determined by the universe. All that’s certain, is that nothing is!

On July 6th, the Cancer New Moon harmoniously connects with Saturn and Mars in your sector of romance and play. You know those moments when all the threads seem to perfectly come together? This time is very that. Use it wisely!

Venus enters Leo on July 12th, bringing more passion into your work environment and daily routines. If life’s felt a little grey, you can intentionally use this energy to bring more joy into even the most mundane of tasks. Hint: get creative.

On July 21st our Full Moon in Capricorn may have you feeling more social or drawn to group settings than usual. With connections to Uranus and Neptune, it’ll be a wonderful time to seek out and connect with like-minded souls in the niche spaces that you enjoy most. If you weren’t already feeling more social, it may come through the next day where the Sun moves into Leo. With the Sun in its home sign, this is a time of collective exhale. Breathe, find that inner smile, and enjoy.


Words by @endsinsolace