Five Minutes with Montana Lower

Five Minutes with Montana Lower

An iconic destination for dreamers and dwellers, Byron Bay is having a major moment. We sat down with local engineer, model and artist Montana Lower to chat about just what makes the bay so special.


Where are you originally from?
I was born in Northern New South Wales but moved to Fiji when I was just a few weeks old. This was the start of my addiction for the ocean…and coconuts.

Why did you choose to move to Byron?
I never really made a decision to move here.. It’s as if I just woke up one day and this is where I lived. I find Byron does that to a lot to people – it either sucks you in, or unfortunately pushes you out. It seems to be all about timing, acceptance and willingness to embrace the lifestyle here. Looking back I would say I was just following my nose to the beach and the rest has been such a bonus!

How long have you been based here?
Nearly two years now.. Time flies!

What is it that you do here? / What do you do for work?
Most of the time I work from home as an Environmental Engineer for Outland Denim. We’re working on a zero exploitation, sustainable manufacturing facility based out of Cambodia. But I also love to paint and model on the side. Creativity oozes out of this place, it’s borderline impossible not to have it rub off on you I think.

3 favourite things about the Bay?
The ocean, the people, the food.

What is something you hope to give back to Byron with you being here?
It’s been giving me so much joy to spread my art around the community and brighten people’s day in this way! I’ve also been so excited to work with a local girls group ‘Future Dreamers’ to empower young women in the area.. I love them and the work they do to bits. It’s really easy to get caught up in what we can ‘take’ from Byron and all it has to offer, but I feel it is so important to give back and keep this place so special.