Palo Santo Stick

$7.00 AUD

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Palo Santo has many purposes but is predominantly used to clear negative energy.

A beautiful scent that has purifying properties ,inspires creativity, love and good fortune.

It is also used in meditation, said to aid in physical healing and also helps in calming the mind.


Each stick is sold separately, and not in packets.

They measure approximately 9cm long  x 2cm wide x 2cm thick, keeping in mind they all vary slightly in size.



When using Palo Santo, it is best done in a ventilated room, away from curtains and anything that may be flammable 

Light  the stick with a candle.

Hold the stick down at an angle, allowing the fire to burn the stick.

Once the stick is lit, it may extinguish itself or you can blow out the flame, then place the stick on a heatproof dish to let it burn.