Tree of life aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions reduction target by 2025 for our supply chain. To help achieve our goals, we are putting approximately $100,000 a year towards improving working conditions and minimising the environmental impact of our supply chain.

We are taking the necessary steps towards creating a sustainable supply chain. At present we are collecting data from both our main suppliers and secondary suppliers, gathering information regarding their energy use, water sources, water usage, water waste and waste disposal. We have made it a policy to trace down into our supply chain and wherever possible visit all units involved in our production. Over the next twelve months, our aim is to ensure we implement a water use plan and create a restricted substance list that all our suppliers must comply with. Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is a work in progress, but is always under development


We are continuously improving our production processes, looking deeper into our supply chain to implement more sustainable and ethical initiatives such as the use of Better Cotton Industry (BCI) certified cotton. We have already taken steps to discover exactly where our cotton is being sourced from, our plan being to ensure that in future it is coming from organic, fair trade and Better Cotton Industry (BCI) accredited suppliers. We are already using organic cotton for our Auroville cotton hand-knitted jumpers and cardigans but we have increased this focus to encompass our hand block collections as well. 
We are focussing on cotton because it has been established as being a particularly problematic fibre to produce. Over 90% off our current production is either cotton or rayon and it is roughly a 60% rayon and 40% cotton split between these two fibres. 
We are also in the process of implementing new sustainable fibres to our collections in the future.


Aside from the production side, we also want to help our customers extend the life of our garments. We provide information through our website, social media, staff and pamphlet distribution about extending the life of garments through care. We also encourage customers to consider recycling and repurposing garments through DIY projects and a customer run Buy, Swap, Sell Facebook page. Our clothing in-seam reads "Look after me and the planet. Only wash as needed. Repair, Donate, Recycle.” 
Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is a work in progress. This process is ongoing and while it takes time, we will continue to keep our customers updated along the journey and share our progress as much as possible. We are proud to be contributing to a positive change for the future.